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Current And Former WWE Stars Face Backlash Amid George Floyd Protests

As nationwide protests continue amid the killing of George Floyd, the national racial unrest has ceded overwhelming support from WWE and its locker room, with various Superstars speaking out against police brutality, systemic racism and in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

As is always the case with racial unrest and mainstream controversies, a handful of current and former WWE stars and wrestling personalities have been exposed as tone deaf. Zeroing in on looting, supporting the passively-aggressive racist #AllLivesMatter movement and speaking out in support of divisive President Donald Trump have been go-to strategies for those either too partisan to support racial justice at this time, too ignorant to understand the central issue of the George Floyd protests or all of the above.

WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall—known for being a lightning rod on Twitter—quickly became one of the first pro wrestling personalities to put his foot in his mouth by tweeting #AllLivesMatter. Much like the troubled former Intercontinental champion was compelled to delete his Twitter account following a lewd exchange with ROH’s Moth Martina, Hall once again deleted his Twitter account after rightfully facing backlash for the somewhat bigoted tweet.

Fellow troubled New Generation star Sunny recently joined in on the fun, outclassing Hall’s own ignorance in every imaginable way. During a Twitter rant, the WWE Hall of Famer labeled those involved in riots “animals” while admitting to calling black people the N-word “only in rebuttal.”

The tirade drew the ire of top IMPACT star Jordynne Grace, who was subsequently embroiled in a Twitter feud with the queen of police custody.

Not to be outdone, the bottom of the pro wrestling industry has continued to lash out as Linda Hogan, former wife of Hulk Hogan, submitted an awful tweet suggesting that all the “looting” was being done by “Afro-Americans.” This gem, a sentiment that is far more common in media coverage of the protests and riots than it should be, resulted in AEW President Tony Khan banning Linda Hogan from all AEW events, along with her husband.

WWE Superstar Jaxson Ryker quickly made himself into a locker room pariah by defiantly speaking out in support of President Donald Trump in the midst of all this turmoil. Supporting the leader of the free world during times of racial unrest should be considered a tame and appropriate move. Not under this President.

Ryker’s support of Trump during the height of racial tensions presented Ryker as an individual who values political partisanship over racial justice. Many members of the WWE locker room has expressed these sentiments in their own words.

As of this writing, Jaxson Ryker is the only current WWE Superstar to break from the companywide message of tolerance and racial equality, instead opting to publicly support the most polarizing president in American history.

As the worst of pro wrestling continues to expose itself, it’s worth noting that these uneducated and ignorant opinions have been drowned out by support and lectures from fans, media and peers.

Source: Forbes Business

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