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Dead to Me Season 3 All Leaks & News About Airing, Cast, Storyline? And Will Jen And Judy Return To Friends Of Heaven?

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Dead to Me is one of the most popular shows on Netflix right now. The series is a relative newcomer to the entertainment industry, having made its premiere in 2019. However, you will be forgiven to think it has been on the air for more than two seasons looking at its fan base.

Centered around two grieving women, the show has been a success story. With multiple Emmy nominations, the series has been killing it with fans and critics alike. Perhaps that is the reason why fans are already demanding Season 3, so soon after the second season.

Dead to Me Season 3: When is it Expected to Release?

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The second season of the show came out this May. Yes, just this May and fans are already demanding an early release for Season 3. This only goes on to show the massive following the series has earned in its brief stint.

Unfortunately for all those who are expecting an early release for Season 3, prepare to be disappointed. Although Netflix has not announced the renewal of the series, there is no way that Dead to ME is not returning. But given the present condition, it is going to be quite a while before Season 3 lands.

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The series has so far stuck with a May release for the first two seasons. But that norm might be set for an alteration. The production of the series expected to be delayed because of the pandemic.

Dead to Me Season 3: Who will Appear?


Is there even a doubt who will be returning for Season 3? Both Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini will return for Season 3. The series won’t stand a chance without them. Alongside them, James Marsden and Diana-Maria Riva are also expected to return. With most of the cast to remain unchanged, there will be several familiar faces returning.

Dead to Me Season 3: What will happen?

If there is one thing we know, then Season 3 is not going to be boring. Just like the friends met with an accident, Season 3 will feature another of such a mess where the two will find themselves in. The third season will look to take off from where Season 2 concluded.

The greatest mystery will be surrounding Steve’s corpse. The dead body is not going to be staying hidden for long. So there are some big events waiting to happen. And with Jen handing herself over to the police, things are not looking to calm down soon.

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Source: Daily Mail

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