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A lot of students think that once they get into college, they’ve already done the most important thing. Now all they have to do is wait for getting their degrees and start making a career. But some freshmen might forget that a college is a place where the teaching staff won’t tolerate rudeness at their address and where the authority won’t turn a blind eye to the accidents.

Some students leave the university after only one or two years of studying. It happens not because they are bored or disappointed in the specialty, but because of being excluded. Dismissal is an unremarkable and unpleasant thing. One of the most popular reasons has always been student academic achievement. However, there are some other serious reasons.

Cheating and Plagiarism

Expelled from College
Cheatig – Extraordinary Things that Might Get You Expelled from College

Most students take cheating for granted, but professors think differently. American education’s peculiarity that can surprise is that no one even tries to cheat even if the teacher has left during the exam. Students will do their best and try to solve a task, but will never look in a neighbor’s notebook to cheat. You may be kicked out not only for cheating on exams, but even if you take an essay downloaded from the Internet.

How will your teacher know that this is not your job? It’s simple. All pieces of work are checked for plagiarism by special programs. So, it’s better not to take risks and ask for professional assistance, googling, “Could I pay someone to do my homework cheap and quick?”

Using or Selling Illegal Drugs

Expelled from College
Drugs – Extraordinary Things that Might Get You Expelled from College

The reason is obvious, but annually, more and more students are expelled for being caught on drug things. Everything starts with innocent smoking marijuana to relax and distract from the daily routine. Still, as a result, undergraduates start skipping classes, academic results go down, and students are kicked out from the higher institution. It might be that someone will offer you prohibited stuff. Don’t take this offer within college walls. And, of course, don’t bring any prohibited substances to your place of study. 

Drinking Alcohol

Expelled from College
Alcohol – Extraordinary Things that Might Get You Expelled from College

The college government prevents all possible cases of alcohol drinking until 21. The Resident Advisors are on each floor of the freshmen dormitories. Their task is to fight against unwanted drinking. The Resident Advisors are undergraduate students. The college provides their salary in the form of a free dorm room, tuition money, etc. One of their duties is walking around the campus territory to check any noise and drunken students. 

If you aren’t 21 and are caught under the influence, nothing good would come to a student. The college authority could take you to an anti-alcohol course, sign up for an Alcoholics Anonymous group, or even kick you out from the educational establishment. Besides, giving knowledge and practical skills, the college aims to bring up a generation with healthy habits. And it’s common knowledge that using alcohol will mess you up in the end.

Criminal Offences

It’s not only a probable cause to be dismissed but one of the greatest mistakes of your life. Actually, dropping out is the best thing that might happen to you after committing a crime. Before enrolling in college, the admissions office will check you for criminal background. Once students enter college, however, they start feeling relaxed and willing to risk having fun. As a result, they forget about the consequences. 

The most common risk factors include drunk driving, shoplifting for fun, cyberattacks, etc. That doesn’t mean you tend to do something illegal, but everyone could get in trouble by chance. If you want to prevent yourself from being involved in such cases, avoid dealing with unsavory fellows who can hook you into a criminal enterprise. 

Breach of Discipline

If you have disruptive behavior in the classroom, on campus, or even in your own dorm room, be sure that you will lose your student status soon. Bullying, making noise, and boorishness might become reasons to get expelled from college. You also can’t speak rudely to the college staff. Even if you are in a bad mood, don’t blow off steam in the audience. Your conduct is disrespectful for your classmates and a lecturer, and you will be punished for it. So, you’d better work on controlling your bad temper.

Having Relationships With Teaching Staff

You are not only a teacher and a student, but you are also representatives of official communities, and an unwritten law tells us that morality still needs to be respected. In addition, the side effect of your love is that your grades drop dramatically. It’s challenging enough to stay focused on the subject when your beloved one teaches you. It’s enough to give a small hint of a relationship, and you will be expelled, and your sweetheart will be fired. Your love will end as soon as both of you leave college.

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