Students often make a year-long break from formal education which is called a gap year. Typically, they decide to take it between high school and college, but they also may take it in between college years or even just before starting a graduate program. Students commonly use this free time to travel around the world, volunteer, or work before continuing their education.

Given the current circumstances, many universities are shifting to online teaching and adopting a blended learning approach. Therefore, more students than usual prefer a gap year to studying online. Even those who have never considered taking a gap year before the pandemic made a decision to take one mostly because of the remote study. Also, students’ options for a gap year have changed significantly.

As with any life decision, taking a gap year has its pros and cons. Weigh them up after researching all the options you have, and be firm with whichever decision you make. This time off can give you a great opportunity to learn more about yourself, things you are interested in, and contribute to your personal growth.

Online education has influenced students’ performance a lot. Some of them fall behind with the studies because of this new teaching format. Young people have difficulties with their homework and team projects as they are not able to get enough support through distance learning. If you are one of them, you can order essay editing to be sure you did it right or reach out to your peers for help with homework. The virtual study can be really challenging and most students need assistance with different types of work, like writing, proofreading, or editing. Luckily, now it is easy to get through numerous online services for students.

The coronavirus has affected almost all the options existing for a gap year. Let’s have a closer look at each of them.

Traveling abroad 

One of the most popular choices during the gap year is traveling abroad for work or volunteer programs. However, this is not the most feasible option today. As the pandemic restricts international travel, it affects the possibility of spending time abroad. So before taking an international program, one needs to check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website for updated government advice.

You may also turn for help to organisations that help students to find their perfect program for a gap year abroad just for free. They say that it’s still too early to give information regarding gap year travel for 2021. But if the outbreak is controlled in particular gap year destinations, students will be able to spend their time there.


A gap year can provide a great chance to give back, and that is the case now more so than ever. It’s not necessary to go overseas to make a difference to the world around you. There must be many volunteering opportunities within your local community. For instance, students can reach out to people in the neighborhood who may need help with delivering groceries or help the homeless impacted by Coronavirus.

Also, some mental health organizations offer a number of volunteering opportunities in the mental health sector as well as charities that would relish any help due to the pandemic’s impact.


One of the best ways to spend a gap year is by choosing an internship program. However, Coronavirus has limited internship opportunities in most industries. So you should start searching for a company as soon as possible. Even if there are no openings advertised, you could take initiative and reach out to relevant people that may open up a door you didn’t know existed. No matter how significant was the impact of coronavirus on business, express your ambition to work in the current circumstances so you can impress potential employers.

Not all students are eager to take a particular program during their gap year. Some of them just need time off to reset and reassess what direction their life is heading in. In some cases, it’s necessary to take a little time to yourself. A gap year can be used to learn a new language, pick up an exciting hobby, strengthen relationship bonds with family and friends, or even help your parents around the home. Whatever you choose to do during your gap year, it must make you happy. Do the things that give you the most pleasure and joy.

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