13 Reasons Why Season 5: Release Date, and Everything You Need Know.
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Sorry to break it to you, but 13 Reasons Why has been cancelled after the fourth season. Although the exact explanation is unknown, it is most likely tied to declining ratings.

When the first season premiered in 2017, it received largely excellent reviews for its brilliant portrayal of teenagers and the challenges they face in today’s modern world.

When the second season was published, viewers were disappointed because it did not perform as well as the first. Seasons 3 and 4 were later produced, however they were not well received, and certain scenes were controversial for presenting sensitive issues like rape and suicide.

Overall, the series’ constant ratings decline may have persuaded the showrunners to end it with the fourth season, despite the fact that Brain Yorkey had planned to end it with the fourth season.

Is a fifth season of 13 Reasons on the way?

‘It felt like a four-season story somewhere in the middle of producing season two, when it became apparent that we might have the chance to make more seasons of this,’ Yorkey revealed.

‘Because high school lasts four years, I’m always wary of high school shows that last longer than that.’

He told Entertainment Weekly that he thought the series should end with their graduation.

“And it looked like the logical finish point was getting these folks through graduation and going to their next things,” he continued.

“For a long time, the intention has been to do four seasons of this if we have the chance.” So, moving into the fourth season’s breaking story, we knew it was the end.’

What Can We Expect From the Storyline of 13 Reasons Why Season 5?

Season 4 was full of surprises. The worry was relieved when all of the loose ends were neatly fastened. Justin’s terminal condition was caused by regular doping and prostitution, and he died as a result of it. Clay, on the other hand, had tremendous anxiety and had tried to commit suicide. Winston’s remark in response to Alex’s startling news of Bryce’s death.

In the end, they all moved on with their lives after graduation. Meanwhile, Clay agrees to continue his counselling and joins his friend Tony on a road trip. Even though it was a peaceful and satisfying conclusion, if the showrunner decides to renew the series for another season,

Why isn’t Season 5 returning?

The fourth and final episode of Netflix’s divisive adolescent drama premiered early Thursday morning (June 5) on the streaming site for the fourth and final time.

While 13 Reasons Why’s actors and writers have continually defended the show, stating that it tackles difficult but important subjects while inspiring discussion among its young audience, The technique has been condemned by many people, including experts.

Not to mention the fact that Hannah Baker’s (Katherine Langford) death scene was so poorly received that it was eventually deleted from the episode entirely.

“Our artistic goal in depicting the cruel, awful reality of suicide in such vivid detail in season one was to reveal the truth about the horror of such an act, and make sure no one would ever seek to imitate it,” producer Brian Yorkey said in a statement released in 2019.

He subsequently explained, “We’ve heard concerns about the scene from Dr Christine Moutier of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and others, and we’ve agreed with Netflix to re-edit it.”

The outcry, however, continued into subsequent seasons, with widespread condemnation of the show’s heinous sexual assault scene in season two and Bryce Walker’s redemption plot in season three, among other things.

13 Reasons Why Season 5

The show’s messy image has maybe become more of a legacy than the stories themselves, outweighing the very discussions it was meant to elicit – but does this play any factor in why it won’t be renewed for a fifth season?

Netflix is, after all, a company, so it’s tough not to question if this factored into the decision. The competition to be the greatest has never been more intense, with new streamers starting all the time and binge culture at an all-time high.

As part of its ever-evolving and expanding concept, Netflix has recently placed a larger emphasis on commissioning brand new episodes. Other famous shows, such as The Crown, have had their seasons come to an end.

13 Reasons Why is a “pricey drama,” according to THR, with the performers receiving raises and Netflix paying a high licencing fee because it is also produced by Paramount TV.

However, the solution could be far simpler.

We’ve known for a while that Season 4 would be the show’s final season. In fact, the announcement came just as the third season’s campaign was gaining traction.

Brian Yorkey, the showrunner, has been working on a four-part story for far longer than that. He states that he was inspired by the fact that it reflected his high school experience (one season per year).

“It felt like a four-season story somewhere in the middle of making season two,” Yorkey told Entertainment Weekly.

He said he was “always a little bit sceptical” of shows based in high schools that lasted longer because “high school is four years lengthy.”

Yorkey continued, “Bringing these folks to their graduation and on to their next things feels like the obvious finish point.”

“If we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity, we had long planned to do four seasons of this.” Coming into the fourth season’s breaking story, we knew it was the end.”

Regardless of the cause, viewers will be interested to see where 13RW leaves our main characters and whether the final goodbye is fitting for a show that has had a huge impact, for better or worse.

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