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In the dark Flashpoint timeline, the payoff of Batman: The Long Halloween’s twist ending is going to be followed by the introduction of a new Two-Face.


Now that Two-Face has arrived in the twisted realm of Flashpoint Beyond, the big twist from the climax of Batman: The Long Halloween is given a fresh lease on life. The duality-themed villain will not be Harvey Dent, but aficionados of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s classic narrative may perceive a link to the new version of the Batman rogue.

Harvey was introduced in the dark world of Flashpoint as a respected judge instead of Two-Face, and he stayed married to his wife, Gilda. They had twins together, but following a tragedy involving the Joker, their daughter committed suicide, haunted by the event. Harvey Dent was slain in a car bombing, and Gilda Dent was hospitalised at Arkham Asylum as a result of her family’s many misfortunes.

Flashpoint Officially, Batman is the most vehement critic of DC Comics.

And, according to Flashpoint’s dark timeline, it appears like things are only going to get worse for Mrs. Dent. A variant cover for Flashpoint Beyond #4 was unveiled in the solicitations for DC’s planned August releases. Artist Xermánico’s cover depicts Gilda Dent in a prison cell with facial scars resembling those of the Prime Earth Two-Face. The wounds are still fresh, as seen by the bloody bandages on her right. Instead of a coin, she has a scratched out poker chip in her hands.

Possibly as a result of her husband’s ties to casino mogul Thomas Wayne. The cover matches the issue’s synopsis, which states that Dexter, Harvey and Gilda’s son, plans to free his mother from Arkham Asylum.

It’s heartbreaking to witness Gilda’s family continuing to suffer misfortune in the Flashpoint universe. The thought of Two-Face appearing in such a unique fashion is unusual, but not utterly out of the ordinary. In fact, it’s quite similar to how Martha Wayne became the Joker of Flashpoint, with both gender-swapped villains’ roots founded in their families’ deaths. But what’s fascinating about Gilda’s transformation into Two-Face is that it builds on one of the most memorable endings in the series.

Gilda Dent was revealed to be the Holiday killer at the end of Batman: The Long Halloween (at least, one of them). While her job was to bring Harvey’s work pursuing the gang to a finish, it was a shocking conclusion that demonstrated what a woman like Gilda was capable of. Though she’s only been seen as a victim of the Flashpoint timeline so far, an alternate version of her has demonstrated that she’s capable of killing. Ascending to the status of full-fledged villain in Flashpoint Beyond may allow her to realise the potential hinted at in Batman: the Long Halloween, allowing her to become one of Two-most Face’s lethal versions.

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