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Fans of the hugely popular BBC period drama Gentleman Jack are in love with the new series of the Yorkshire based programme but many have hit out at BBC1 for ruining the ending two weeks running.

The series two second episode saw Suranne Jones return as Halifax businesswoman and ‘first modern lesbian’ Anne Lister while Sophie Rundle also took centre stage as Ann Walker.

During the episode, Anne and Ann’s honeymoon is disrupted by the appearance of an old flame who threatens to reveal all her secrets, while Ann’s family plan to marry her off in Halifax when the gets home.

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And viewers were thrilled with the BBC drama which they all agree is maintaining its quality into the final series.

In fact, aside from a few grumbles about the pig farm subplot, everyone universally praised the programme.

Gentleman Jack's second episode of the new series was widely praised
Gentleman Jack’s second episode of the new series was widely praised
(Image: BBC)

The only problem? The BBC continuity announcer was up to their old tricks and talked over the credits for the second week running, which drew complaints again.

AliCat said: “So, yet again, the BBC decide to let the continuity announcer talk over the #GentlemanJack song by @OHooleyandTidow to tell us about other programmes we don’t care about. Do they never learn or listen to their viewing audience? Please @BBCOne STOP THE CHAT!!”

@SearlisDiane said: “he continuity announcer did not get the message last week – DO NOT TALK OVER THE CLOSING TUNE – WE WANT TO SING ALONG!”

@CatWithAC said: “Yes. I was thinking the same! BBC Leave the voiceover until the song ends!”


@Whipperywinter said: “Your announcer did it again and talked all over the @OHooleyandTidow theme music at the end of #GentlemanJack. Why, did you not get enough complaints about it last Sunday? #BBC1”

And the only other thing people could find to gripe about was a slightly timid subplot about pigs.

NatyXG said: “I’ve had a smile on my face during every single Ann(e)s scene, but holy shit assholes everywhere in this episode. Just an overload.


“FOR REAL. No one cares. Staaaap. STAAAAP IT”

@Aflawedfashion said: “We could have left all pig related plots in season 1. I’d have been fine. More than fine”

Otherwise, fans were glowing about the new drama.

Mrs T said: “gets better with every episode. Love the concept of women refusing to be chattels, but the one thing that ruins it is the inane chatter of presenters blocking out the unique theme music. Why can’t they natter when it’s finished?”

HeatherCprice said: “Brilliant #GentlemanJack tonight. Gothic haunting of homophobia running throughout. Endless fear of discovery. We’re so lucky as women/gays in 2022, but still much further to go. Many hard hitting phrases in the script that I’ve heard before, still hear.”

Gentleman Jack returns next Sunday at 9pm.

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