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Eventually, the road leads Nacho to an auto body shop, where the kind proprietor offers Nacho a way to clean himself off, some fresh clothes, and a phone. Nacho calls his father to ensure that Gus or the cartel haven’t gone after his family to coax him out of hiding. When he hears his father’s voice on the other end of the phone, you can almost see the rush of relief. Mando has always played Nacho with an understated iciness, and that approach ultimately makes this scene that much more powerful. The simultaneous happiness and fear that Nacho feels is palpable. After hanging up with his father, he then calls Mike and demands to talk to Gus.

Nacho knows that Gus needs him dead. He’s aware that the Salamancas will torture him for information and likely will not accept any confession but one that implicates Gus. He also doesn’t trust Gus and knows that if he sells Gus out, his father and family will be in danger. Nacho decides to give himself to Gus in exchange for his father’s safety, but due to the lack of trust, he makes Mike promise to protect his father. It’s obvious that both Mike and Nacho have a code of ethics that they do not cross, and Mike honors Nacho’s last wish.

The plan is to make it look like Gus and his men have brought Nacho in after a struggle. Nacho is to implicate Alvarez and the competing Peruvian crew in the hit on Lalo’s compound, then immediately try to run away, where Tyrus will execute Nacho with a few quick shots. When the moment arises, Nacho’s anger and resentment toward the Salamancas comes bubbling to the surface. The scene recalls Walt’s phone call to Skyler in “Ozymandias,” in that it is mostly a performance to convince the Salamancas and Juan Bolsa that he’s being truthful, but there’s also a layer of truth coming out as well.

Nacho takes glee in the death of Lalo, calling the entire Salamanca family psychos and wishing that he was able to kill Lalo with his own hands. If that’s not enough, he also finally takes credit for Hector’s health issues that have left him nonverbal, as the ultimate middle finger. Using glass from his last meal with Mike, he then takes Juan Bolsa hostage, but before anyone can take any action, he turns his gun on himself, committing suicide. It’s an immensely powerful scene and an honorable ending for this double agent.

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Kim continue their Howard con with the help of an old friend, Huell. It’s unclear now what the pair have planned for Howard, but using a valet scam, Huell is able to make a copy of Howard’s car key undetected. The heat remains on Howard, but it also is back on Jimmy too.

Assistant District Attorney Suzanne Ericsen comes to Kim in an effort to appeal to Jimmy’s reasonable better half. After last week’s questions about “Jorge de Guzman” and Jimmy’s Lalo slip of the tongue, Ericsen determines that Guzman and Lalo are the same person. Given Jimmy’s history representing Nacho, a known dealer, and Tuco Salamanca, another member of the infamous cartel family, it appears that Jimmy is officially working as an attorney of the cartel. However, if Jimmy really was working with Lalo under false pretenses, then attorney-client privileges no longer apply, and Jimmy can help the DA’s office on some cartel-related cases.

Source: Den of Geek

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