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We know the Weeping Angels work for the Division. We also know the Division was active during “the Dark Times”, a primordial era of the universe when Space was at war with Time (and Space’s victory may be what lead to Gallifreyans becoming Lords of, well, you can guess). This is when there were Racnoss and Great Vampires and all sorts of dark and terrible things.

It’s also, in deep-cut-mostly-beyond-the-TV-show lore, the period when Rassilon is supposed to have cleaned everything up, established the Time Lords as Time Lords, and got everyone into really big collars. Indeed, there is a clue in David Tennant and Russell T. Davies’ swan song, ‘The End of Time’. When Timothy Dalton’s Rassilon calls a vote to end the universe, all but two of the Time Lords vote in favour. One an anonymous Time Lord we never hear about, the other a mysterious Time Lord who seems to have a connection to the Doctor, whom Russell T. Davies is on record as saying is the Doctor’s mum (although recent canonical revelations raise questions about that theory).

Rassilon declares that these two dissenting votes will “stand as monument to their shame, like the Weeping Angels of old”. This hints that a) The Time Lords recall the Weeping Angels as something from ancient history, and b) Have a history with them which is somehow linked to the concept of shame.

And now we see the Doctor, hunted down and turned into a Weeping Angel herself. Why? Because it makes a cool cliffhanger. It’ll probably be no more significant than the Pandorica, something to take her out of the plot long enough for a Doctor Lite episode.

The Weeping Angels and the Time Lords

Doctor Who Weeping Angels

The Weeping Angels are also known as The Lonely Assassins. They are invincible, they are super-fast, they are deadly. But they are also (outside of specific circumstances) unable to communicate, easily imprisoned, and unable to really work together without a lot of using that trademark “Weeping” stance to avoid catching a glimpse of their mate and accidentally basilisking themselves.

Could the Weeping Angels be Prisoners with Jobs? Criminals and renegades the Time Lord “Division” sentenced to a life of servitude? It certainly puts some elements in a different light. When the Eleventh Doctor was guarding the crack in time that led to Gallifrey, you don’t need to guess why Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans, or the Church of Silence wanted to defeat him. But it seems odd that the Angels, as straight-up predators, would want to be a player in that fight. However, if the return of Gallifrey means the return of their jailers, suddenly you can see why they might want to stop that. Is Flux going to reveal that the Time Lords are behind the Genesis of the Weeping Angels?

Source: Den of Geek

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