Mindy is offered a spot on the ship but declines, choosing instead to spend humanity’s last hours on Earth with his family (he has reconciled with his wife following his dalliance with Evantee), Dibiasky and her new boyfriend (Timothee Chalamet) and Ted Oglethorpe (Rob Morgan), the former head of NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office and the sole sane voice in Washington that heeded the astronomers’ warnings.

The Mindys and their friends share a warm last night together, giving a moving demonstration of human dignity in the face of extinction. After more than two hours of watching the inanity, corruption, ignorance, and self-absorption of the various institutions that McKay’s film skewers (often with funny results, but sometimes with too heavy a hand), these few minutes portraying our better nature–our attributes of love, generosity, decency, and courage–feel like the proverbial cool drink of water in the midst of a seemingly endless desert.

And then the lights go out.

About That Spaceship Post-Credits Scene…

More than 22,000 years after the Earth is destroyed (22,740, to be exact), the starship bearing Orlean and the last dregs of humanity (all wealthy, elite, and aged) lands on what appears to be a green, vibrant, Earth-like planet. The ship’s passengers awaken from their sleep and disembark, naked, to begin briefly exploring their new surroundings–that is, until Orlean is killed and eaten by a dinosaur-like creature. More of the planet’s predatory inhabitants emerge to surround the humans, and as we fade out it doesn’t appear that the seeds of human civilization are going to survive for very long out in the stars.

In a final post-credits tag, Orlean’s son is shown climbing out of the rubble back on Earth millennia earlier, crying for his mommy and trying haplessly to post pictures via social media on his now-useless phone.

In the grand tradition of some of our bleakest satire and sci-fi, whether it be Dr. Strangelove or Planet of the Apes or Threads, Don’t Look Up warns us that while we may have the means, the smarts, and the technology to at least attempt to save the human race and the Earth itself, it’s our worst instincts that are going to do us in.

Source: Den of Geek

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