Fast X: An Updated Cast List For Fast & Furious 10, Including Vin Diesel And Jason Momoa
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The franchise that’s been living its life a quarter mile at a time is winding down. While the Fast & Furious world will continue on through spinoffs, including Hobbs & Shaw 2 and Charlize Theron’s Cipher being primed to lead her own movie, the main saga starring Dominic Toretto and his crew is wrapping up with two final movies. The first of these was once simply known as Fast & Furious 10, but is now officially titled Fast X. That movie is currently dated for May 19, 2023, and following Justin Lin’s departure a week after filming began, Louis Leterrier is now sitting in the director’s chair.

While it’s reasonable to assume Fast X will involve its starring protagonists using cars and other assorted vehicles to stop a major threat, if not save the world, for now, story details are being kept a closely-guarded secret. What we can talk about with this upcoming movie is who’s making up its main cast, from the familiar faces, like Vin Diesel, to the newcomers, like Jason Momoa. So let’s go over who we’ll be seeing during the events of Fast X.

Vin Diesel in F9

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Vin Diesel

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