For life Season 3 : Release Date, Cast, Everything You Need To Know !


For life Season 3  :FOR LIFE, one of Hank Steinberg’s most popular crime dramas, was well received by the audience when it initially aired on ABC Networks on February 11th, 2020. The series’ compelling premise entices the creators to return with a sequel.

Nicholas Pinnock, Indira Varma (This Way Up), Joy Bryant, and a slew of other fantastic performers star in this legal drama, igniting the series with their outstanding performances. It was able to attract a large fan base and favourable reviews from reviewers since it was based on the true story of Isaac Wright Jr. Rotten Tomatoes gave this thriller narration a 7.2/10 rating.’

The entire plot revolves around Aaron Wallace, the protagonist, who was sentenced to life in prison by the US government for a crime he didn’t commit. When Aaron was imprisoned as a lawyer and fought for the others, the story took a turn. His sentence was reversed as a result of his defence efforts. The circumstances and thrills in every subsequent moment of the drama kept the audience engaged until the very end, making them eagerly anticipate the following season.

Season 3 will not be produced, despite the fact that the show had two seasons back-to-back in 2020. That’s right, you read it accurately. For Life has been cancelled by the ABC network.

Is Season 3 of For Life going to be renewed?

On June 15, 2020, ABC renewed the criminal drama for a second season, which will premiere on November 18, 2020. On May 14, 2021, ABC cancelled the show after two seasons, however it is expected to be taken up by other networks. IMDb TV, which was speculated to be a potential home for a third season, licenced the first two seasons.

Despite the fact that the show was cancelled by ABC owing to low ratings, Jackson has worked relentlessly to keep it alive. IMDb TV has signed the show up, and the first two seasons are now available on the platform. The show will be available to watch as an IMDb TV Original.

When will the third season of For Life premiere?

As things stand, the show’s chances of being renewed for a second season on another network are slim.

So far, efforts have been made to maintain it, with IMDb TV agreeing to air prior seasons in exchange for rising popularity in future episodes.
Unfortunately, this did not work out, and they turned it down. Nicholas Pinnock, who plays the show’s central character, seems unfazed by the situation and used the opportunity to thank ABC for their support.

Who will appear in the third season of For Life?

The series was cancelled, but it may be renewed by another streaming service in the future. We can predict that in the future sequel, you will see the majority of the previous cast members. Yes, your favourites will resume their roles, along with some new cast members who have yet to be revealed.

The following is the cast:

  • Aaron Wallace is played by Nicholas Pinnock.
  • Safiya Masry is played by Indra Varm.
  • Marie Wallace is played by Joy Byrant.
  • Anya Harrison is played by Mary Stuart.
  • Jasmine Wallace is played by Tyla Harris.
  • Frank Foster is played by Glenn Flesher.
  • Jamal Bishop is played by Dorian Crossmond Messick.

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