Gentefied Season 3: Release Date, Confirm Let's know.
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Marvin Lemus and Linda Yvette Chávez produced Gentefied, an American comedy-drama streaming television series that premiered on Netflix on February 21, 2020. Gentefied Season 3

The series stars Karrie Martin, Joseph Julian Soria, Carlos Santos, and Joaqun Coso. In May 2020, the sitcom was renewed for a second season, which will premiere on November 10, 2021. The show was cancelled in January 2022 after two seasons.

According to the synopsis for Gentefied, “three Mexican-American cousins and their battle to follow the American Desire, even as that same dream threatens the things they hold dear: their neighbourhood, their immigrant grandfather, and the family taco restaurant.”

Gentefied Season 3
Gentefied Season 3

The critically acclaimed Latino comedy series Gentefied did not fare well on Netflix.

Gentefied will not be renewed for a third season by Netflix. Due to its failure to make a substantial global effect, the show was discontinued after only two seasons.

According to Deadline, the sitcom has been cancelled after only two seasons.

Gentefied Season 2 launched on Netflix in November 2021 with little fanfare. The first season, which was released in February 2020, could not even crack the top 100 on IMDb when it was published. Season 1 had a high of 118 on IMDb, however season 2 only had a low of 349 one week after its launch.

According to Deadline, the show “never made the Netflix top 10,” but this isn’t entirely accurate. While season 2 of Gentefied did not make the top ten in the overall rankings, it did spend nine days in the top ten television shows in the United States.

The trailers for each particular series, which have been linked to Netflix performance, are another indicator of bad performance. The first season trailer earned 580,000 views, whereas the second received only 67,000 views, or just over 10%.

The show was on our “hit list” of shows on the verge of being cancelled, which we published in late December. Another Life, Black Summer, Master of None, and The Chair are just a few of the shows we think will be cancelled.

It’s far from the first Latino show to be snubbed by Netflix after being made in the United States. For example, One Day at a Time was cancelled owing to similar circumstances. Warner Brothers’ In The Heights bombed at the movie office in 2021, and Netflix isn’t the only one facing problems.

This is Netflix’s first major public cancellation (that we’ve been informed about) in 2022. As we’ve seen in recent years, Netflix is leery of publicly announcing cancellations for fear of alienating potential viewers.

Gentefied’s third season cast

For season 3, the whole core cast of Gentefied is scheduled to return. Joaqun Coso, J.J. Soria, Karrie Martin, and Carlos Santos will reprise their roles as the Morales family.

Aside from the four main cast members, the following cast members are expected to return for season 3:

Annie Gonzalez portrays Lidia Solis.

Bianca Melgar portrays Nayeli Morales.

Laura Patalano portrays Beatriz Morales.

Rafael Sigler portrays Pancho Solis.

Brenda Banda plays the role of norma.

Al Patio portrays Chuey.

The second season introduced new characters such as Bree Solano, Manuel Uriza as Ernesto Morales, Ivana Rojas as Sarai Damian, and Melinna Bobadilla as Melinna Barragan.

Fans’ reactions to Netflix Gentefied Season 3 has been cancelled.

Since the demise was revealed, fans have been expressing their love for the show. One Instagram comment on the main Gentefield page reads:

“Make a third season, please.” This show shows Latinos honestly. The cast was great, and you quickly grew to love everyone, especially Pop!!! When it talked about our hardships as immigrants’ children, it really hit home. Thank you for advocating on our behalf.”

Another individual stated:

“Please save #gentefied!! This is an amazing show with outstanding talent! This is really true and thought-provoking. It was a hot topic and an excellent way to discuss a range of themes with my therapy clients!”

The actors and staff have had little comments to the cancellation. J.J. Soria tweeted on January 14th, “On to the next one!” with a link to an Instagram post.

J.J. Soria’s tweet is below.

Do you hope that Netflix renews Gentefied for a third season? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments area.

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