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Everything Everywhere All At Once, was written specifically for Jackie Chan, and the film would have been much different if he had directed it.


As the hero of Everything Everywhere, Jackie Chan would have made a significant difference to the film. Michelle Yeoh plays Evelyn Wang, a laundry owner seeking to get her taxes done, in Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert’s multiverse-exploring martial arts comedy Everything Everywhere All At Once. Evelyn, on the other hand, is tasked with saving the entire Multiverse by Alpha Waymond (Ke Huy Quan), a parallel universe version of her husband Waymond.

While Yeoh’s performance as Evelyn has been praised, the picture may have been very different if directors Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan had cast Jackie Chan, their first choice for the lead role. The key distinction comes down to the character archetypes that both Yeoh and Chan have played throughout their careers, with Chan playing the exact type of protagonist that was almost made for Everything Everywhere At Once.

The True Meaning of Everything Everywhere All At Once


Jackie Chan is most known for his portrayal of underdog heroes who are in over their heads and fighting impossible odds in his stunt-filled career, having built the majority of his career on action comedies. Of course, there have been outliers, and Chan has taken attempts in recent years to vary his performances. Nonetheless, with the exception of the Multiverse element, a plot like Everything Everywhere All At Once would have felt virtually tailor-made for Jackie Chan. Meanwhile, Michelle Yeoh has a history of portraying strong and capable heroines, so Evelyn’s down-on-her-luck character is a significant departure for her.

Everything Everywhere martial arts scenes are heavily influenced by Hong Kong action films, making Yeoh an obvious choice to lead the film. This would have been the case with Chan as well, but the feeling of an improbable protagonist would have made the film a tribute to Jackie Chan’s career as well as a comeback to Hollywood for him. With him as the hero, Everything Everywhere All At Once would have been practically a Jackie Chan flashback after his dramatic and darker parts in films like The Karate Kid and Martin Campbell’s The Foreigner.

Even with parts like those in his recent career, Chan is also known as a comic, with films like Rush Hour, Shanghai Noon, Shanghai Knights, and others exhibiting his characteristic brand of physical humour. While Yeoh has previously worked on lighthearted action films such as Magnificent Warriors and Silver Hawk, as well as non-action comedy such as Crazy Rich Asians and Last Christmas, She’s still not as closely identified with pure action comedies as Jackie Chan, who even avoids portraying villains as part of his image. Everything Everywhere All At Once marks the first time Yeoh has truly embraced a character that blends action and comedy to such a degree, a departure from Chan’s usual fare.

Finally, Yeoh’s portrayal of Evelyn is a key reason for the success of Everything ( Everywhere All At Once ), which has become A-24’s largest domestic box office hit. Many may wonder how Jackie Chan, who was originally considered for the role of the film’s fish-out-of-water protagonist, might have changed it, but there’s already a lot to think about. Michelle Yeoh plays a heroine who is pushed into the deep end of the pool unexpectedly in Everything Everywhere All At Once, which is an out-of-character part for her. It would have been a return to Jackie Chan’s famous action-comedy template for her fellow kung fu movie legend.

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