Home Entertainment Is Young Justice Setting Up a Superboy and Mordru Battle?

Is Young Justice Setting Up a Superboy and Mordru Battle?

Is Young Justice Setting Up a Superboy and Mordru Battle?

Is a Jon Kent Superboy Coming to Young Justice? 

We’ll go through the various origin stories for the Phantom Stranger below, but one of the wilder ones was posed by The Kingdom: he’s Jonathan Kent, the child of Superman and Wonder Woman in the Kingdom Come timeline, wandering the world trying to save people. The Phantom Stranger is here; Jon Kent is here; the Legion is here; and Mordru is very likely here. All the pieces are in place for something bananas to happen. Hopefully it hits soon.

Deep breath everyone, we’re going in.

The Lords of Chaos and Order

The Lords of Chaos and Order got a pretty comics-accurate origin in the episode. Individual members of the Lords have been in comics since the ‘40s (with the original Doctor Fate), but the concept didn’t get codified in comics until the late 1970s. They’re elemental forces of the universe struggling against each other for dominance, personified in a variety of entities: Nabu (Doctor Fate’s helmet), Princess Amethyst of Gemworld (she’s important in a second), and the Wizard Shazam are members of the Order side; Mordru (hang on) and The Child (I told you this episode was packed) on the Chaos one. It would appear that in Young Justice, Klarion is also a Lord of Chaos.

The New Doctor Fate

We met Traci 13 last season, but Khalid Nassour, one of Zatanna’s crew, is new. He’s the most recent Doctor Fate in the comics, created by Paul Levitz and Sonny Liew at the end of Convergence and then spun into a terrific and underrated DCYou solo series. He’s a med student in New York who stumbles across the Helm of Fate and gets sucked into the DC mystical universe. Most recently he’s been working with Justice League Dark in their really excellent backup. Just about any time this guy pops into a comic, it’s really good. Highly recommend.


Mary and the rest of the Shazam family were planned to be in the canon Young Justice tie-in comic, but the book got canceled before they could show up. She was originally created by Otto and Jack Binder in the ‘40s as part of the Shazam Family, and you likely recognize her from the very excellent Shazam movie.

Here, something appears to be wrong with her connection to the Rock of Eternity, so she can only access one power (the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury) at a time, but she’s very creative in using it. She gets her powers from Billy, who in turn gets his powers from the Wizard Shazam, a member of the Lords of Order…

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