“A third, untitled movie starring Ryan Reynolds as the wise-cracking Marvel superhero Deadpool is currently in the works at Marvel Studios. While it will be a while before fans reunite with Wade Wilson on the big screen, there’s a handful of things we already know about Deadpool’s next big-screen adventure. In 2019, Disney formalized the acquisition of former rival studio 20th Century Fox (now 20th Century Studios), which at the time held the film and TV rights to Marvel intellectual property, more specifically anything and everything to do with the X-Men.”

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The first round of online reactions for the new Scream praises the latest entry in the franchise.

“It’s been 11 years since Scream 4 was released, but in one week the next chapter in the meta slasher series hit theaters. The confusingly titled ‘Scream’ (just call it Scream 5, guys) has already been screened for critics, and so far the first reactions have been uniformly positive. The Scream franchise has had such a strong run, thanks to smart scripts, compelling performances, and genuinely twisty mysteries.”

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Are you yearning for that next great fantasy/sci-fi book to read? We’ve got you covered.

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