However, only a Paragon Shepard will consistently try to set a better example for the galaxy through their actions. They’re pretty much the opposite of an “ends justifies the means” kinds of character. There is a consistent logic to the Paragon’s decision-making that is easy to follow and appreciate.

Paragons Often Prefer Persuasion Over Intimidation

There are numerous points throughout the Mass Effect games when you’ll be able to “interrupt” a sequence and choose a special option based on your alignment. Generally, speaking, Paragons are more likely to use these interruptions to persuade people rather than intimidate them or simply harm them.

That’s not a hard rule (Renegade players will also be able to use persuasion), but if you’re generally more interested in using charisma and logic over fear and brute force, Paragon is much more likely to offer roughly what you’re looking for. They generally try to find a way to diffuse a situation than blow it all up.

Paragons Typically Inspire More Love From the People Around Them

Again, this isn’t a hard rule (and we’ll talk about some of the exceptions to this rule in a bit), but generally speaking, playing as a Paragon means that you’re more likely to win over the people closest to you and assist them in their moments of need. 

While some races and characters will be more impressed with Renegade Shepard, Paragon Shepards are more likely to at least try to offer a moment of comfort to their crew and the other people they encounter. To put it another way, some characters may be more impressed with Paragon or Renegade Shepard, but few characters will outright hate Paragon Shepard the way they may come to hate a Renegade Shepard. 

Paragons At Least Try to Save More Lives

You can’t save everyone in the Mass Effect franchise (or at least not all the people you’d like), but if you’re interested in saving as many lives as possible (including lives of minor characters you meet along the way), Paragon is the way to go. 

Source: Den of Geek

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