Moon Knight concept art for Marvel Disney+ makes the show considerably darker.
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The Disney+ show Moon Knight has new concept art that depicts an even scarier version of the show. Oscar Issac appeared as Marc Spector, an ex-Marine who suffers from dissociative identity disorder (DID), a severe psychological disease that leads him to have numerous, different personalities. Khonshu, the Egyptian deity of the Moon, takes advantage of this vulnerability by using his body as an avatar to carry out his thirst for vengeance against those whom he deems are deserving. The series earned mostly excellent reviews for its cast’s performances as well as its visually impressive depiction of Ancient Egyptian mythology.


Moon Knight provided intense, and often frightening, realisations of a range of Ancient Egyptian gods and iconography, despite the fact that it was just six episodes long. Khonshu was pictured as a lanky giant with a gigantic raptor skull for a head, covered in torn white linen. A resurrected mummy of an Ancient Egyptian priest pitted Marc/Steven Grant and Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy) against him. Finally, the Egyptian god Ammit, the Soul Devourer, appeared as a Kaiju-sized lady with a crocodile’s head.

Writer explains how Moon Knight’s gods relate to other MCU deities.

Moon Knight concept art from pre-production was recently unveiled in an episode of Disney+’s behind-the-scenes series Assembled (via, showcasing a significantly scarier version of the programme. Marc/Steven and Layla are scared by a horde of zombie priests, a snarling rendition of the Jackal beast battles Steven’s Mr. Knight, and Khonshu and Ammit tower over Cairo as they fight. Take a look at those photos, as well as others, in the gallery below.


Both the substance of the concept art and its characterizations were carefully preserved in the final product. Naturally, the art and the series are based on the original Marvel comics, but the series added a kinetic flair that the source material lacks. Using a combination of CGI and costumes, Khonshu, Ammit, and the Hippopotamus god Taweret were brought to life with stunning authenticity.

With a high body count, copious amounts of blood, and horrific representations of gods and monsters, Moon Knight already towed the edge of Disney’s customary family-friendly tone. Closer adherence to some of the concept drawings may have pushed it over the edge into a lot more terrifying territory, something Disney is not known for. If and when Moon Knight comes to the MCU, only time will tell if the hero will veer closer to the horror genre.

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