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The Holiday season is officially upon us, and occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas often include some binge-eating. This can be triggering for some people, especially those who are trying to watch what they eat. Remember the Titans actor Ethan Suplee has gone viral for his massive weight loss transformation, and recently explained how he handles temptations on the holidays.

Ethan Suplee is well known for his early roles in projects like Remember the Titans and American History X. He’s remained active in his adulthood, where he also notably lost a ton of weight. Suplee recently opened up about the challenges Thanksgiving provide him, in a post on social media:

Talk about honesty. Holidays with tons of food and booze can be a challenge for many of us, and Ethan Suplee is being frank about his personal struggles. While there will be plenty of temptations (and pies) at his family celebration, the Good Girls actor has already worked out the way he can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner without overindulging. 

The above post comes to us from Ethan Suplee’s personal Instagram account, which has a whopping 513k followers at the time of writing. We can see a movie still of the actor as Louie Lastik in Remember the Titans. The image really shows what a massive transformation Suplee has ultimately made. And while offering tips about healthy eating habits he offered a powerful perspective: vowing to be kind to himself. Regardless of one’s fitness journey, that’s something that any of us can take to heart. 

As previously mentioned, Ethan Suplee has made headlines for his massive weight loss journey. The 45 year-old actor continues to be super passionate about fitness, including both working out and eating right. He no doubt serves as an inspiration for many, while continuing to work on projects like The Ranch. As a reminder, you can see what Suplee looks like nowadays below.

Clearly fitness is a serious interest for Ethan Suplee, so we should expect more updates about his diet and workouts for the foreseeable future. And he’s definitely not the only person out there who is being careful about not overeating on holidays like Thanksgiving. As such, he’s making sure to be kind to himself and others as these efforts continue.

The holidays can be a tricky time for many of us. There are a variety of hard topics that could pop up during family gatherings like dietary struggles, politics, or temptations for those who struggle with substance issues. And Ethan Suplee’s message of kindness to himself is one that many of us can take to heart. 

As for his work on the screen, Ethan Suplee’s next project is a movie titled God Is A Bullet, also starring Jamie Foxx and Game of Thrones‘ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

Source: cinemablend

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