No Time To Die marked the explosive end to the Daniel Craig era of Bond films, tying together the past fifteen years of movies into a satisfying conclusion for one of the best Bonds ever. In an unusual ending to a run for the character, Bond sacrifices himself to save the world in a breathtaking sequence. The emotional ending had apparently been discussed very early on in Craig’s journey as the character. Now, producer Barbara Broccoli and Craig are discussing the development as well as the one thing they “applaud” the audience for. 

Barbara Broccoli and Daniel Craig, along with the filmmaking team, were candid when talking through the creative process behind the shocking conclusion. Audiences went into the movie knowing that it was Craig’s final appearance as the iconic character, but they probably did not expect how his tenure would end on screen. Thankfully, the revelation remained unspoiled for the majority of fans and, during her recent interview with Variety, she gave the fans props for not leaking things, saying:

It’s the ultimate sacrifice. As Michael says, it’s very appropriate because people in this line of work put themselves at risk all the time. The amazing thing was that the audience managed to keep this secret, and that’s really a testament, I think, to the Bond fans, that they didn’t want to spoil other people’s enjoyment by telling them the end of the story.

The fact that something as significant as James Bond’s death wasn’t spoiled for moviegoers is rare in this day and age. In many cases, spoilers flood the internet immediately after the releases of many big films, so fans definitely deserve kudos. 

Daniel Craig’s beloved agent made a choice only he could: deciding to save the world and go out in a literal blaze of glory. It’s a unique conclusion to Craig’s run and, despite the development, fans shouldn’t be too worried. Craig himself, during the same interview, went on to say: 

If you stay to the end credits, it definitely says, ‘James Bond will return.’ So all is good.

Barbara Broccoli recently commented on the search for the next Bond and whether the character would change genders in this new incarnation. Meanwhile, another producer explained that when it comes to who might land role, the pool is still “wide open,”  regardless of race. All in all, there is no indication as to where they are leaning, but the creatives will indeed be taking their time with such an important decision. 

No Time To Die is now available to rent and to watch at home so that fans can relive the historic end to one of the best runs of the franchise. The film’s official Blu-ray release is packed with special features marking the finality of the movie and the importance of giving a fitting farewell to Daniel Craig’s Bond. 

Source: cinemablend

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