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In the total history of the James Bond movies, it’s not a surprise to see any of the actors playing the part looking a little worse for the wear. Apparently it’s not even that shocking to the men who have played Mr. Bond either, as seen in a recent interview where Daniel Craig shared a funny take on his 007 role. Commenting on his supposedly accident prone nature, Mr. Craig provided this humorous outlook on his now former gig, while actually bleeding on camera. 

Coming from his entry into the Actors on Actors interview series for Variety, Craig was alerted to the fact that he was very minorly injured by interviewer/Skyfall co-star Javier Bardem. Prompting a quick game of “find the stain,” he excused himself for a moment to look in the mirror, and realized he had indeed been bleeding ever so slightly during their talk. Explaining the situation, Daniel Craig admitted to the following chain of events: 

So they’ve sent me this wonderful ring flash, which I’ve set up with an iPad in the middle of it. … And it just fell on my head just before this discussion. … This is 17 years of playing Bond. Can you see how accident prone I am? No wonder I get fucking injured every time I do a movie.

Daniel Craig, and the James Bond franchise in general, are no strangers to an extensive history of on-set injuries. While this ring light malfunction isn’t as serious as some of the other slings and arrows that Craig has endured as 007, it’s an entertaining footnote to include in the history books. Even leaving behind the role of Commander Bond has incurred a physical toll on the actor, but he’s apparently so used to it that he’s ok with letting everyone see him bleed.

This simple bump wasn’t hidden until the end of the interview either. If you watch the entire session between these Skyfall veterans, the gash on Daniel’s head is readily visible. What’s strange is 007 fans might not bat an eye when it initially comes to that wound, as we’re also used to seeing him in various states of on-screen injury and wounding throughout the Craig era of James Bond history. It’s probably why Javier Bardem didn’t mention it until his final question, which you can watch below: 

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If only Daniel Craig was on set the day that the late Desmond Llewelyn taught Pierce Brosnan his precious two lessons in field agent work in The World is Not Enough. While Craig’s 007 definitely seems to have picked up on the part about always having an escape plan, it’s that other piece of knowledge that would have come in handy right about now: never let them see you bleed. Then again, the modern Commander Bond isn’t too worried about showing his more vulnerable side, especially during No Time To Die’s heartbreaking ending

With that in mind, this entire exchange is rather fitting when you think about it. Though if you’re not caught up with the 25th James Bond movie, you can either catch it in its limited IMAX re-release, or rent and purchase the film on home video. Skyfall is also available on home video, but if you’re a subscriber to the library of Paramount+ movies, you’ll have easier access to that particular title. For all other 2022 movie releases, take a look at our official guide to the films heading to a theater near you over the next year. 

Source: cinemablend

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