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To get to a galaxy far, far away, you’re going to need some serious cash. The Disney Star Wars hotel is set to open soon, with the average stay costing several thousand dollars, but a new report is claiming that guests can opt to stay in an elevated suite for an astronomical price. 

The NY Post has reported that Disney’s highly-anticipated Star Wars-themed hotel Galactic Starcruiser could be even more expensive than originally thought. The ‘immersive’ resort has come under fire for its hefty price tag in the past, but it seems that the hotel will also offer luxury suites that come with more space and upgraded perks for a measly fee of $20,000. The rooms don’t have any windows – instead, guests are able to view screens that portray ‘views’ of outer space. 

Think that sounds pricey? It gets even crazier: that $20k price tag only gets you a two-night stay in the Star Wars resort (all stays are limited to this short time span, regardless of cost). The two nights in outer space will theoretically include lodging, food, and ‘entertainment’ in the form of activities like lightsaber training and character interactions. Guests can expect to spot characters from the original trilogy and could even be ‘enlisted’ to go on a ‘secret mission.’ 

If you’re content to go with the regular package, you and three guests can crash at the Galactic Starcruiser for a mere $6000 (compared to the luxury suites, that’s a bargain). You might be able to nosh for free, but there’s a bevy of other costs that could impede your trip to the stars. According to the New York Times, alcohol is not included. A glass of wine will cost at least $11, and a single beer will go for $13 – not counting the ‘specialty’ drinks that clock in at $23. Other potential fees include $99 for a professional portrait photographer and a $30 admission charge to take a seat at the captain’s table in the Crown of Corellia dining hall. 

The Galactic Starcruiser will also offer the opportunity to be transformed into an intrepid space traveler by a team of hair and make-up artists, although the cost of such an experience was not made public. Certain costume pieces, however, were reported to go for $100 each. Maybe it’s easier to stick to homemade cosplays. 

Despite the price tag, many fans seem to be enjoying their stay. Would you spend $6000 or even $20,000 to nab a spot on the Galactic Starcruiser? While you ponder, you can still head to a galaxy far, far away when you stream the Star Wars series with your Disney+ subscription. In addition to the original, prequel, and new trilogies, the streaming platform also hosts spin-offs like The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, and the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series

Source: cinemablend

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