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The legal battle between ex-spouses Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been going on for some time now. In 2020, Depp sued U.K. newspaper The Sun for libel after he was referred to as a “wife beater” but would ultimately lose the case. Now, he’s in the process of suing Heard for defamation, while she’s countersuing for $100 million. This trial, which is occurring in Virginia’s Fairfax County, began on Monday, April 11, with the first wave of arguments being made the following day. So far, a number of people have testified, and it now seems that Deep is soon set to give his own testimony – which will allegedly involve the poop incident. 

The actor is set to testify today, Tuesday, April 19 in his defamation trial against ex-wife, according to TMZ. In taking to the stand, he’ll follow the likes of his sister, physician and Heard’s former assistant, who have already given their testimonies. It’s unsurprising that the actor is set to testify, though some may be more engrossed in the poop situation that he’s reportedly set to discuss. 

In 2018, reports surfaced about Johnny Depp accusing his former wife of leaving poop on his side of their bed. It was said that the incident took place in April 2016, and it apparently happened following an argument between the couple regarding the Jack Sparrow actor being late to his then-wife’s 30th birthday party before quickly leaving. Sometime later, the Aquaman actress soiled the sheets, which were found by a housekeeper, who later informed Depp.

The Pirates of the Caribbean alum believes that either his former spouse or one of her friends is responsible for the fecal matter. When he addressed the situation in 2020, he alleged that Amber Heard told their estate manager that she meant it as a “harmless prank.” He also admitted that, at the time, he did laugh because he found the scenario to be “so strange.” Heard has, in turn, claimed that one of their Yorkshire terriers was responsible for the mess, though her ex-husband claims that such feces was too large for a small dog to excrete.

By the summer of 2020, photos of the actual poop surfaced online, and the Internet had some strong thoughts. And ultimately, the images weren’t able to help illuminate the identity of the culprit.

Johnny Depp’s imminent testimony will add to what’s already been an interesting trial. Early on, Depp’s legal team took issue with Amber Heard’s believability following her opening statement. The actor’s childhood friend, Isaac Baruch, also shared his testimony, during which he opened up about what it’s been like to be embroiled in the couple’s drama for “six years.” Depp also notably experienced a setback when Georgina Deuters, a key witness, was dismissed after confirming that she’d seen clips of the trial online prior to her testimony.

The defamation case involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is set to last over a month. More updates will likely arrive sooner rather than later, especially with Depp on the verge of testifying.

Source: cinemablend

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