Warner Bros’. Barbie has been in the works for quite some time now, but its most recent iteration is starting to move forward with Margot Robbie in the lead. Robbie is expected to produce and star in the film and now courtesy of CinemaCon, we’ve gotten a first look at what she’ll look like as a Barbie girl in (or outside of) a Barbie World. 

As part of a massive upcoming slate including the recently announced Batman 2, Black Adam, The Flash, Elvis and even The Meg 2, Warner Bros. found some time to work in a brand spankin’ new first look at Barbie. As you might guess, the image is pretty pink-centric. Barbie’s rocking out in her classic pink convertible as well. All this image is missing is the Barbie dreamhouse. Just sayin.’

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It’s a fleeting glimpse at the upcoming movie, but let’s just say I’m happy with the accessorizing here! 

While the movie isn’t due out until 2023, casting on Barbie began in earnest last summer. First, Barbie would not work without someone appearing as her Ken, and Ryan Gosling landed the iconic toy role. In addition, Will Ferrell was recently added to the Barbie cast in what is expected to be a “meta” role. Greta Gerwig is set to direct and is also writing alongside Noah Bombach.  America Ferrera and Simu Liu are also attached

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the project over its lengthy development cycle, you may already know that at one point Amy Schumer was attached to play a Barbie who was sort of cut loose from Barbieland due to not fitting the expectations of a Barbie. Eventually the project moved on from Schumer and the new iteration with Margot Robbie has been described as something “totally different” by the actress herself. 

Outside of casting, details are still fairly scarce, but Margot Robbie has plenty of exciting upcoming projects and has been on a tear in Hollywood lately, not just with her popular Harley Quinn role but also through films like Once Upon A Time… in Hollywood, Bombshell and I, Tonya

It could be a little while before we get official footage of this film — which might finally give us some expectation of what the flick will really be about, but fans can catch Robbie as Barbie starting on July 21, 2023. For now, you can see what’s heading to the big screen in the much nearer future with our full movies release schedule

Source: cinemablend

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