We get to meet a handful of potential murderers as Grace and Ed look into Kathleen’s demise. Perhaps Kathleen’s ruthless, well-connected husband is behind it all? Or could it be someone who works at the cam site where Kathleen told her customers how naughty there were? Maybe it was someone at her day job that recognized Kathleen and became unhealthily obsessed with her?

You’ll probably sit through enough of the movie to find out, but it certainly won’t be down to the unremarkable direction, script or performances. It will be for the same reason you sit through any run-of-the-mill procedural nonsense when that’s the only thing that will scratch a lazy itch and, if nothing else, Brazen is just about enough background noise to be fit for purpose.

Even if you’re an enthusiastic fan of procedural fare, anything that could lift Brazen to the ranks of a standard two-parter of Castle or its ilk is noticeably absent here. It isn’t charming or funny, and there is precious little onscreen chemistry between Milano and Page to have you rooting for them as a burgeoning couple. Meanwhile, Billions star Malachi Weir, who is exuding more screen presence than anyone else in the movie put together, is thoroughly wasted as Ed’s exhausted partner Ben.

The most you’re going to get out of this toothless, sex worker-exploiting nonsense will be a bad taste in your mouth from the glossiness of how it treats its subject matter, though I can imagine a lot of people hitting play on Brazen after scrolling through Netflix’s latest random offerings.

Hell, it’ll probably do really well for them. We might even get a string of sequels following Grace as she imparts the kind of psychological tidbits any one of us could dish up on a given day with the barest possible knowledge of murder-mystery plots. Will I watch them? Absolutely. Will I wish I hadn’t? Absolutely.

Brazen is streaming on Netflix now.

Source: Den of Geek

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