Olivia Plath Feels Less ‘Crazy’ After Watching Controversial ‘Duggar’ Doc
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Olivia Plath has binged “Shiny Happy People” and is revealing how triggered she is by the close-to-home secrets revealed.

Olivia Plath Lived The Same Life

Olivia Plath Feels Less 'Crazy' Amid Duggar Family Doc Spilling Secrets

The star of her big family reality TV show Welcome to Plathville is sharing how insane the similarities in the lives of the Duggar children and her own family growing up. “That was my life until a few years ago,” Plath admitted.

She shared the news on Instagram Story, calling it “A little triggering to watch.” She continues the revealing message. “There is solidarity in having other people speak up and say, ‘Yep, you’re not crazy, happened to me too. I know about this.’ That is healing in a way.”

Plath received so much support from fans, friends, and even family members who had no idea how bad it was for herself and her sister growing up with the same fundamentalist religion as the Duggar children.

Olivia Plath Followed Up With Fans

Olivia Plath Feels Less 'Crazy' Amid Duggar Family Doc Spilling Secrets

After the shocking Instagram Live post, Plath chose to go live on Instagram with her sister to thank fans for supporting her and encouraging her to share more of her story. She said she had been receiving an “overwhelming response from people saying, ‘Please, let’s talk about this.’”

She and Lydia, her sister, decided to speak up about their experience as “ex-[fundamentalist] and ex-cult kids.” She spoke bravely. “I will say, the realm in which my public life exists; there’s a lot of things I can’t say.”

The shock continued. “There’s a lot of things I want to say about religion, about my past, about the world that I went right back into, and I hadn’t known to say them in the public space that exists for me, so I’m gonna get on [Instagram] instead.”

Olivia Plath Explains Her Experience

Olivia Plath Feels Less 'Crazy' Amid Duggar Family Doc Spilling Secrets

The TLC reality star informed her fans. “I’m jumping on to say my experience, to be honest, was decently negative. There’s a lot of things that I laugh about now because what else are you supposed to do?”

Plath also shared that she is “not religious anymore.” She is happy about this seeing as the doc reveals things she has been pushing away for years. She stepped out of her comfort zone and embraced a YouTube couple who has devoted their channel to calling out fundamentalist religions.

“Jennifer + James … or as some of you probably know them, Fundie Fridays. 🥰 It was an honor to document their day + love. When Jennifer emailed me asking if I could photograph their wedding, I can’t lie, my head spun a little,” she admits.

Olivia continues, “Growing up as a fundie kid, deconstructing as an adult, and then photographing the wedding of two of the leading voices in fundie snark/accountability is a FULL circle moment. Maybe a few circles worth.”

Shiny Happy People Is Depressing

Reality TV star Josh Duggar arrested

The doc dropped a few days ago and featured four one-hour episodes exposing the IBLP church. A Christian organization that former members have described as running like a cult.

Jill Duggar appeared with her husband and shared how religion took over her family and split up her siblings. Other people who grew up in the faith are also interviewed and share how the conviction scarred them.

They also touch on the molestation that the Duggar daughter had to endure while living under the roof of their predator older brother Josh Duggar. The cos is rough to watch especially hearing Jill tell the story out of her mouth.

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