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Agnes Is Wearing a… Starfleet Jumpsuit? 

It’s very subtle, but the mental representation of Agnes within the mind of the Borg Queen is wearing a black jumpsuit with hints of deep red on the shoulders. Basically, in terms of the way Agnes sees herself, she’s wearing a DS9-era Starfleet command uniform. This could be a subtle reference to Jean-Luc Picard wearing this style of uniform in Star Trek Generations. Then again, maybe it’s just a black jumpsuit with red shoulders, which signifies something else. 

Elnor’s Mobile Emitter

An Emergency Combat Hologram of Elnor is created on the fly by Jurati’s consciousness, but the question is, could he possibly leave the ship? Although we don’t see this combat hologram version of Elnor with the rest of the crew outside at the end of the episode, it seems possible that he could leave the La Sirena. Hologram Elnor is clearly wearing a mobile emitter, holographic technology first introduced in the Star Trek: Voyager episode, “Future’s End.” (Which, ironically, also featured a Starfleet crew traveling back in time to Los Angeles.) In that episode, the Doctor (Robert Picardo) was able to obtain mobile emitter technology from another time traveler, thus allowing him to move freely around the ship, and sometimes, leave it.

Strangely, in the regular timeline, the technology of mobile emitters comes from the 29th century and only made its way into the 24th century because of the aforementioned time traveler crossover. So, who developed mobile emitter technology in the alternate Confederation timeline? Or, did Jurati use some Borg magic to create a new mobile emitter? We don’t know! And, technically, until hologram Elnor appears outside of the confines of that La Sirena (which has now been stolen) we won’t actually know if that was a mobile emitter. 

NX-01 Enterprise Refit Is Now Canon!

This cut is so deep it actually creates new canon out of previously unused concept art. When young Jean-Luc (Dylan Von Halle) is sitting at the table, and his father Maurice (James Callis) is talking about him, briefly on the table we see a model of a retro starship. This model is of an unused, never before seen on-screen refit of the 22nd century NX-01 Enterprise from the prequel series Star Trek: Enterprise.

In 2010 designer Doug Drexler revealed concept art for a proposed upgrade of the NX-01 Enterprise, which could have existed in a hypothetical fifth season of Enterprise. This version of Archer’s Enterprise would have given the ship a secondary hull and generally made it look a lot more like The Original Series version of the Enterprise

Later, this version of the NX-01 Enterprise appeared in the “Ships of the Line” calendar, and, in 2017, was released as a physical model by Eaglemoss. In all likelihood, the model we see in this episode is from Eaglemoss. 

Source: Den of Geek

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