– The non-S.T.A.R.S. members of the RPD are represented by Leon Kennedy and Chief Brian Irons in Welcome to Raccoon City. While the movie version of Irons isn’t exactly the mysterious potential serial killer that he was in the games, he’s still a bit of an asshole who mostly tries to serve his own purposes.

– Just like in the games, Welcome to Raccoon City‘s version of Umbrella is still an evil pharmaceutical company that has a stranglehold over the town and a fondness for creating deadly viruses for…reasons. Their logo is also prominently featured throughout the town, and many of the town’s most notable locations (RPD, the orphanage, and Spencer Mansion) are essentially fronts for elaborate Umbrella facilities.

– We get a brief look at Umbrella Security Service (Umbrella’s private military force) in Welcome to Raccoon City. The Security Service is seen in the film wearing their trademark gasmasks and going to extremes to keep people from leaving town and potentially spreading the infection.

William and Sherry Birkin

– Wiliam Birkin first appears in Welcome to Raccoon City as the twisted Umbrellas scientist interested in using viruses to enhance our abilities and longevity, he soon becomes the disgusting mutation that he also eventually turns into by the end of Resident Evil 2 (complete with the eerie giant eye on his shoulder).

– William Birkin’s daughter Sherry is also prominently featured in Welcome to Raccoon City. Unlike the games, though, where Sherry is shown wandering alone before meeting up with Claire Redfield, Sherry spends most of her time with her father and mother in Welcome to Racoon City before eventually meeting up with Claire, Leon, Chris, and Jill.

Lisa Trevor

Lisa Trevor may have been cut out of the PS1 version of Resident Evil, but she is prominently featured in Welcome to Raccoon City. While the movie takes some liberties with her backstory, she’s still a slightly monstrous figure who unwillingly served as an Umbrella test experiment for most of her life. Welcome to Raccoon City also recreates Trevor’s look from the 2002 Resident Evil remake (complete with the creepy mask/sack over her head).

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