junni taisen season 2
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The anime has been on the market for three years. As a result, fans are growing increasingly eager to witness Juuni Taisen Season 2. The show’s first season astonished every single viewer by exceeding their expectations. As a result, its conclusion left the audience wanting more. Even after all these years, people are still waiting for its second season.

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Juuni Taisen, sometimes known as Juni Taisen (War of the Twelve), is a Japanese anime series. It is a remake of the same-named action light book series authored by Nisio Isin and Hikaru Nakamura. The first episode of this anime aired on October 3, 2017. It only lasted twelve episodes. The season finale aired on December 19, the following year.

junni taisen season 2

Season 2 of Juuni Taisen: Renewal Status!

Juuni Taisen translates to “12 Wars,” which makes sense given that the tournament is a proxy conflict in which nations and people are only gamble chips in the hands of the ultra-elite. There is no higher purpose to this death game except to delight the wealthy who bet on the winners. Many of the individuals began reasonably normal, but grew cold-hearted and unlikeable after being emotionally wounded by the world’s leaders’ combat system. Will this new plot, however, be incorporated into Juuni Taisen.

The anime series’ first season was created by Graphinica. The company did an excellent job animating the series. They also received several praises on it. However, they have yet to discuss the future of anime. Fans are anxiously anticipating the announcement of the renewal of their favorite anime series.
junni taisen season 2

The sequel is also unknown to the creator of the LN series. As a consequence, supporters are becoming increasingly apprehensive about Juuni Taisen Season 2. Fortunately, the show’s makers did not cancel it as well. As a result, there is yet hope for its reappearance.

Juuni Taisen Season 2: Will The Anime Return?

The first season of the anime series received positive reviews. It also had high ratings and viewership. The concert was likewise well received by the audience. Furthermore, there is a high desire for the sequel. Because the creators have adequate source material, the odds appear to be in favor of Juuni Taisen Season 2. The anime might be back very soon. It’s extremely likely that the show’s second season will be announced this year.

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The odd thing about the anime series is that it appears to be better than the original material based on internet light novel evaluations. Many anime viewers believe that a light novel will give more history for the characters, however in this instance, animation studio Graphinica’s author Sadayuki Mirai built on NisiOisin’s short character descriptions. Much of the novel’s story may be classified as “filler,” however the anime adaptation took a single phrase concerning Boar’s sister and detailed how she was duped out of the Zodiac War.

junni taisen season 2

So, what exactly is going on here? When you grasp what the author meant, the plot is actually rather predictable. The current death game is based on a narrative in which the many animals of the Chinese zodiac were invited to a dinner. The supper was a competition since the first to arrive gained more status. Although the Ox was expected to win the race, the Rat surprised everyone by riding on the back of the OX. As a result, the Rat is the first animal in the zodiac.

The 12 Chinese zodiac animals are, in order, the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat , Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig (Boar). Except for Snake, who was severed before the tournament began and subsequently his zombie body was destroyed in that reverse order, the characters of the Zodiac War are dying in the reverse order of the Chinese zodiac.


Knowing this Chinese tale beforehand, it was easy to predict that Nezumi the Rat would win Juuni Taisen Episode 12. By elaborating on the novel, Studio Graphinica created an anime unique finale, but the winner remained the same. Unfortunately, the anime writer did not build a fascinating past for Usagi the Rabbit because the light book gives practically no background information on this eccentric fan favorite, not even his true name.

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To recap the novel’s finale, Rabbit purposely transformed himself into a zombie in a last-ditch effort to “win,” and his corpse may stab Tiger. The zombie of Monkey’s corpse traps Ox, and he urges Nezumi the Rat to use explosives to eliminate the zombies. Ox kills himself to prevent Rabbit’s zombie army from winning the tournament, leaving Rat as the sole survivor.

junni taisen season 2

That’s rather amazing given Rat spent the most of his time sitting down and napping. Some anime viewers may find the finale disappointing after they understand how powerful Rat is despite his outward lethargic demeanor.

It comes out that Nezumi’s skill allows him to travel between a hundred parallel universes. The Rat goes through all of these histories, even if some of them result in his death, and then selects which route he wants to take in the main reality. He even attempted teaming up with Rabbit during these 100 tries at surviving the Juuni Taisen competition, but he perished in all 99 pathways save the one he picked.

It may be claimed that his talent is not overwhelming because he had a probability of dying in any of the 100 lives he tried. The power also drains him physically, which is why he sleeps so much.

While some fans will be content with that explanation, Rat’s lack of drive or motive for participating in a death tournament in the first place may be little irritating. Rat does not want to “seek any meaningful significance from this conflict,” according to the English version, and he cannot even settle on the solitary wish given by victory.

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Given that the light book sequel is being released about a year after the original anime’s conclusion, the second season is unlikely to begin production anytime soon. Aside from a paucity of source material, the fundamental explanation is that the anime business is at full capacity, with most studios scheduled until 2020. As a result, anime lovers are urged to join Rat and have a long snooze while waiting for the action to resume. Keep an eye out!

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