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“Saturday Night Live” served up Bowen Yang in an Easter Bunny costume for a cold open that took aim at Elon Musk’s bid for Twitter, Britney Spears’ baby news, the embattled Majorie Taylor Greene and the incoherent ramblings of Donald Trump.

The cold open began with a nod to the Coachella music festival that began this weekend in Indio, Calif. Yang began the sketch by assuring the audience that they really are seeing him dressed up in a pink-and-white bunny costume — “either that or you’re at Coachella and the ‘shrooms are kickin’ it.”

“SNL” star Kate McKinnon donned her Dr. Anthony Fauci duds again in a nod to the fact that an infectious new COVID variant has started to bump up infection rates in many states after weeks of decline. McKinnon’s Fauci told viewers that he is “like glitter — no matter how hard try to get rid of me, I’m still in your hair, and sometimes on your face.”

The sketch made quick work of other trending topics from the past week. Mikey Day appeared as entrepreneur-investor Musk, who made a surprise $43 billion takeover bid for Twitter on April 14. Day portrayed the eccentric billionaire as stilted and awkward. “I’m here to officially buy Easter,” he said, offering “23 billion Peeps,” a reference to the marshmallow confection sold around the holiday.

Cecily Strong appeared as controversial Republican House member Marjorie Taylor Greene toting a life-size automatic weapon made of milk chocolate. Strong’s Greene made reference to the growing number of wedge-issue anti-LGBT laws moving through state legislatures in battleground states. She assured viewers that there’s “nothing gay” about Easter even though it revolves around “worshipping a shirtless guy with great abs — that straight stuff,” Strong’s Greene said. “Happy Easter. God bless Russia — I mean, America.”

Chloe Fineman made a brief appearance as Spears, who announced her pregnancy April 11. Fineman’s Britney twirled for the camera and declared she hoped her baby would be born “happy and healthy and with power of attorney.”

“SNL” player Chris Redd appeared as New York City Mayor Eric Adams. Kyle Mooney limned actor Jared Leto, who has been in PR mode of late for his latest movie “Morbius.”

The sketch closed with James Austin Johnson reprising his portrayal of former President Trump. Johnson’s Trump rambled incoherently for a few minutes (“Whites are being treated horribly in this country. This is a time for baskets, bunnies and, frankly, bonnets”).

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Host and musical guest Lizzo vowed to set a record for saying ‘bitch’ on live TV in her ‘SNL’ monologue.

Yang’s Easter Bunny looks at Trump and replies, “What the hell are you talking about?” To which Johnson’s Trump responds, “I see biscuit, I eat biscuit” and “I know Little Cesaer a long time. I told him to say ‘Pizza, pizza.’”

Lizzo is host and musical guest of the episode. She opened her monologue in a form-fitting blue minidress and fringy, shimmery jacket. She introduced her mother, Shari Johnson-Jefferson, in the studio audience.

“I’m surprised I have so many clothes on too,” she said. She promised that her first time hosting “SNL” would “set a record for saying ‘bitch’ on live TV.” She also made a note of telling the audience that her presence on “SNL’s” Stage 8H is a testament to hard work and faith in herself.

“I’m living proof,” she said. “I used to live in my car. Now I’m up here hosting ‘Saturday Night Live.’ “

Lizzo appeared in several sketches before she delivered her first musical performance. She introduced herself with trademark humor. “Ladies and gentlemen,” she said, staring at the camera, “Me!”

Wearing a yellow sequined body suit and high-top sneakers, Lizzo performed a high-energy version of her new release “About Damn Time.” She returned later, in a segment introduced by her mother, in a hot pink mini dress for a soulful rendition of another new tune, “Special.”

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In the commercial outro following the “Weekend Update” segment with Colin Jost and Michael Che, “SNL” paid tribute to comedy star Gilbert Gottfried, who died April 12 at age 67.

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