Tae-Sung Demands Answers, Does Soo Hyuk Deal With A New Case in Shooting Stars Ep 11!
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Shooting Stars Ep 11 : Things won’t be normal in Tae-life Sung’s in Shooting Stars Ep 11 thanks to the anti-hero team. The actor now has to put in a lot of effort to deal with the problem. He will also attempt to identify the main perpetrator of this shambles. Meanwhile, his mother isn’t going to sit around and do nothing because Tae-Sung doesn’t like it. Continue reading to learn more.

What Will Happen Next in Shooting Stars Episode 11?

At the close of the last episode, Tae-Sung and his girlfriend, Oh Han-Byeol, witnessed a lot of chaos. Someone was attempting to exact vengeance on Tae-Sung, but now things are out of their hands. In the meantime, Eun Si Woo will be engaged with promoting activities in Shooting Star Ep 11. She explains that she has returned to the industry solely to support her son. Tae Sung, on the other hand, is concerned about a message he got. Now he’ll be on the lookout for those who have a Star Force ID card in order to figure out who his anti-fan is. He even suspected Do Soo Hyuk, a lawyer. Kang Yoo Sung, on the other hand, appears to be on the case.

A Quick Summary!

Oh Han-Byeol ran into Tae-maid Sung’s in the previous episode, looking at the necklace that Tae-Sung had given her. Later, she discovered that Tae-Sung was dating Han-Byeol. Meanwhile, Ha-Byeol inquired as to whether Tae-Sung was pleased with meeting his mother Si-Woo, to which he replied that he was not, and the two shared a nice moment. Yu-Sung, Eun Si-manager, Woo’s confronted her about her son being starled. Yu-Sung also mentioned her slapping the maid. Yu-Sung also remembered that Tae-Sung suspected Myung-Hee was suffering from dementia, so he double-checked her résumé.

Back at Tae-apartment, Sung’s he told Han-Byeol about his mother’s behaviour and confessed that his grandmother had used the same strategy when he was in trouble. His comments moved her, yet she chose to leave. Tae-Sung, on the other hand, drew her back and the two began kissing. Meanwhile, Jo Ki-Ppeum couldn’t stop complimenting Do Soo-article, Hyuk’s which had a lot of traction. She wrote him a message, and Lawyer Do congratulated her on her accomplishments. The two then flirted with each other virtually.

Release Date for Shooting Stars Episode 11

On May 27, 2022, at 10.40 p.m. KST, tvN will broadcast Shooting Stars Ep 11. The all-new episodes are released on a weekly basis, airing every Friday night. The show is also available on Rakuten Viki. Additionally, it is available on iQiyi and Viu. Keep an eye out for updates.

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