In “The Streets of Mos Espa,” we see Trejo’s unnamed character under the employ of the Hutt twins, who offer him and a rancor calf to Boba Fett as a peace offering. This rancor keeper makes friends with the daimyo, who quickly takes a liking to the little calf now living in the dread dungeon below the palace. Boba asks his new beast master to teach him how to ride the rancor like witches of Dathomir once did, which is something we can’t wait to see later in the series. Just imagine shooting down Pykes on the back of a rancor!

It’s clear that Trejo’s rancor keeper really loves spending time with one of the most feared creatures in the galaxy, like he’s Space Hagrid. He even imparts some wisdom about the little rancor that may change the way you think about the hungry rancor in Return of the Jedi. According to the beast master, rancors are emotionally complex and not just violent monsters. They bond quickly to the first being they see, which is why this baby rancor wears a blindfold until he’s introduced to Boba Fett, his beloved master and new dad.

That’s right, Pateesa from Return of the Jedi had feelings, but Luke Skywalker slaughtered him like an animal anyway.

Stephen Root as Lortha Peel, the Water Monger

The greedy water monger played by Stephen Root wouldn’t be out of place in a Rodriguez film, either. Especially in his Mexico Trilogy, the director explored how those who have take advantage of those who don’t. In this case, the water monger is charging a month’s wages for a week’s worth of water to kids who don’t even have any wages. “Look around, there’s no work,” one of the bikers tells Boba when he confronts them for their crimes. While the greedy usually meet bad ends in Rodriguez movies, the water monger is let off with just a warning to lower his water prices and to not bother these kids (now Boba’s employees) again.

Root has been a mainstay of genre movies and tv shows for decades. One of his earliest credits was in the George A. Romero horror film Monkey Shines, and he followed that up with parts in Ghost, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, RoboCop 3, and Bicentennial Man. He also guest starred in episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Quantum Leap, Eerie, Indiana, and True Blood. Most recently, he’s probably best known for playing the titular character in The Man in the High Castle and as Monroe Fuches on Barry.

Sophie Thatcher as Drash the Biker

Rodriguez’s love of sketchy bikers and criminals on the fringe translates into a stylish gang of wayward kids on colorful speeders on The Book of Boba Fett. Chief among these bikers is a young woman named Drash, who’s brave enough to talk back to the daimyo and call him an “old man” when they first meet. Later, Drash will work for Boba, even facing down the fearsome Black Krrsantan when he attacks the daimyo inside the palace. A chase sequence late in the episode shows off Drash’s driving skills, as she takes her speeder bike to the Mos Espa’s rooftops to catch up with the mayor’s runaway majordomo.

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