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The world of The Boys is populated with Supes who obtained their tremendous powers from Compound V, but Hughie demonstrated the hazards of being superpowered suddenly when he was initially given a temporary dose of the serum. Butcher gives Hughie a dosage of Compound V in The Boys #6, causing the team’s most fearful member to surprisingly and accidently murder a Supe, unaware of his great strength.


Almost every Supe in The Boys obtained their abilities after being injected with Compound V, a serum created and sold by Vought-American to the highest bidder. Compound V was given or developed to Homelander, Stormfront, Starlight, and many more Supes, transforming them into mega-powered beings. To combat the out-of-control Supes, The Boys created their own version of Compound V, which gave them 24-hour powers. When Butcher gave Hughie his first dose, however, it demonstrated the hazards of anyone, even someone as innocuous as him, getting abilities.

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The Compound V-powered Boys square battle against the Teenage Kix superteam in The Boys #6 by Garth Ennis, Darick Robertson, Tony Avina, and Greg Thompson. Hughie and the team gathered information on the gang to use as blackmail, but the immature group of heroes fought after finding they were being observed. Butcher orders Hughie to deal with the Supe Blarney Cock, but after threatening The Boys’ most wholesome member, he punches a hole in the man he was intended to take down but not murder.

Hughie is taken aback by his actions, since the Compound-V increased his power to the point that he had no idea he could kill Blarney Cock by grabbing him. Butcher reassures Hughie that “it happens,” and that he “ain’t used to…” being superpowered. Hughie’s first kill revealed the true risks of Compound V, as it transforms The Boys’ least aggressive and weakest member into someone capable of killing Supes with ease. Obtaining tremendous abilities may appear to be a good thing, but Compound V has the ability to turn anyone, including Hughie, into a monster.With The Boys TV series set to examine the use of temporary Compound V, it’ll be interesting to watch if Hughie loses control of his newfound abilities if he’s given the serum.

Being a Supe is obviously perilous, but Hughie discovered that even possessing powers for 24 hours is not something anyone should seek unless they have perfect control over them. Giving ordinary people abilities is a poor idea, as even the last person you’d think to unintentionally kill a Supe did so after attaining amazing strength thanks to the Compound V. Hughie’s first kill in The Boys demonstrated how Compound V can make even the weakest characters scary.

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