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Since it first appeared in the mid-to-late 1990s, online bingo has proved to be an extremely popular leisure activity with gamers the world over. While traditional variants like 95-, 75- and 50-ball bingo continue to be well-loved by bingo players both in-person and online, newer variants like 30-ball or “speed” bingo are growing in demand among a wide variety of players. But why is this new format of bingo gaming taking on such prevalence?

Well, it mainly seems that it’s all down to its suitability for those with a busy lifestyle or a jam-packed schedule. The appeal for those who fall into this group is that 30-ball bingo provides all the excitement of a more traditional game but on a smaller – and speedier – scale. Let’s look at this exciting option in more detail. 

What is 30-ball Bingo?

For people who love playing online bingo but find themselves short of the time to commit to a classic style game of 90- or 75-ball bingo, 30-ball or ‘speed’ bingo is the perfect alternative. This game is made up of a small ticket of only nine numbers which makes 30-ball bingo a simple, but equally fun, quick-fire substitute for longer pattern bingo games.

On most online bingo sites, winning a game of 30-ball bingo simply involves checking off all of the numbers on your grid-style card. Although on some sites, an additional requirement of certain patterns is needed for the win, but this is rare. In addition, this bingo variant isn’t usually played in brick-and-mortar halls, but is instead reserved for online gaming and bingo sites, which can be easily accessed using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Who Plays 30-ball Bingo?

The beauty and appeal of 30-ball bingo is that it can be played quickly and while on the move. If you’ve got a smartphone for example, and your chosen online bingo site has a good app, you can play 30-ball bingo anywhere there is an internet connection and at any time of the day.

In terms of the main demographic, it is a mixture, although young people seem to be the most likely to gravitate toward online 30-ball bingo over 95- or 75-ball bingo at a land-based bingo hall. As players in their 20s generally value playing 30-ball bingo online because it provides simple, quick, and exciting entertainment. While many variants of bingo can be played online, 30-ball bingo is the only one that requires little time and commitment to win cash prizes.


Source: Pixabay.com

While 75- and 90-ball bingo is still very popular among online bingo players, 30-ball or ‘speed’ bingo is also becoming increasingly popular. Played by a huge variety of people, particularly among players with busy schedules, these short, snappy games, simple tickets, and only nine numbers are clearly appealing. Perfect for all occasions and all players, this bingo variant and its increasing presence on online bingo sites suggests that players are not only looking for new forms of the classic game, but new ways to play it that fit into their schedules.

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