If there’s one person who could offer any insight to what Meghan Markle’s really like behind closed doors, it would be her ex-husband, Trevor Engelson. But unlike Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, Sr., or her half-sister, Samantha Markle, Engelson has refused to spill any tea about his ex-wife. Engelson has gone to such great lengths to avoid talking or even hearing about Meghan that he reportedly “skipped town” during Prince Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding in 2018, per Us Weekly, simply because he didn’t want to hear about all of the media coverage. However, one report suggests Engelson was offered a hefty payday of up to $1 million to tell all about Meghan. One source told Australia’s Woman’s Day (via Life & Style) back in 2018, “Trevor has remained tight-lipped until now, despite numerous cash offers being on the table. But now he’s been tempted to open up about what he calls ‘years of hell.'”

And while the temptation might have been there, Engelson refused to comment about Meghan or her and Harry’s announcement that they were stepping away from royal life when he was approached by a reporter from Daily Mail back in January 2020. He simply wants to put that chapter in his life behind him. Even though Engelson has not publicly spoken about Meghan, or perhaps even talked to her in private for that matter, there’s still one thing about their respective lives that connects them to this very day.

Source: Nicki Swift

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