A Personal Journey for Rand

The Wheel of Time finale hit readers with plenty of bombshells that broke from the story of the novels, including the supposed death of Loial (Judkins has made assurances that the ogier will recover), but perhaps none were more shocking than Rand telling Moiraine to convince his friends that he died in the battle against the Dark One. Perhaps the writers wanted to surprise even those readers who thought they knew how things would end!

Instead, it’s likely that Rand will go on a personal journey separate from his friends to discover his new place in the world as the Dragon Reborn. In fact, this quest may allow him to visit Andor to meet Elayne as mentioned above. Additionally, The Wheel of Time season 2 could find the male channeler on the run from the Red Ajah or the Soldiers of the Light before finally reuniting with his fellow Two Rivers residents.

The Horn of Valere

Since Jordan’s second book is entitled The Great Hunt, it should come as no surprise that the Horn of Valere, which Padan Fain absconded with in The Wheel of Time season 1 finale, is of central importance to the story to come. The Horn is purported to call upon the heroes of the past to fight in the Last Battle against the Dark One. The ghostly army is likened to the Wild Hunt of European folklore, but in this case, they serve the Light behind the banner of the Dragon.

As in the books, Padan Fain is a darkfriend who posed as a traveling merchant on his visits to the Two Rivers and who presumably guided the army of trollocs to the small town in The Wheel of Time premiere. He presumably stole the Horn in the finale to prevent its use against his dark lord, but in the books he also stole Mat’s dagger, which was needed to cure the young man of his corruption. This brings us to our next prediction for season 2.

The Return of Mat Cauthon

In one of the largest departures from the Jordan novels, Mat Cauthon did not participate in the journey to the Blight or the attack on Fal Dara in The Wheel of Time. Without getting into spoiler territory, his fate is largely tied up with the Horn of Valere, so he will definitely need to rejoin the company in order to regain this artifact, and even if Padan Fain doesn’t have his corrupted dagger, Mat is still not out of danger from its dark touch on his soul.

In a strange way, Mat’s absence from the actions of the finale may help make the transition to a new actor a bit easier for The Wheel of Time audience. The role has been recast for season 2 with Dónal Finn taking over for Barney Harris, who delivered one of the opening season’s best performances. Regardless of who’s playing Mat, though, the resentment some characters may feel about his abandonment of the group will certainly add a new dynamic to the second season that was not present in the books.

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