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The “Sister, Sister” actor on Tuesday stupefied her social media followers with a strange admission in a “Tea with Tia” session via her Instagram story.

“I cannot believe I’m sharing this with you guys,” Mowry said before expanding on this week’s topic: childhood soothing techniques.

“Some kids would suck their thumb or they would suck their fingers,” Mowry said. “But do you guys know what I used to do? I used to suck my arm.”

Mowry revealed she kept up the “weird” habit until she was around 13 or 14, because it helped her calm down and fall asleep.

“I really want to know if there are other people out there in the world that did this because I always thought that I was just weird!” she said.

She said she broke the habit after her mom started spraying mosquito repellant on her arm.

“It worked, I stopped sucking my arm. But you guys: I was an arm-sucker,” she said.

Mowry and her husband, actor Cory Hardrict, have two children: daughter Cairo, 3, and son Cree, 10.

Source: This post first appeared on https://www.huffpost.com

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