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Shinjiro Hayata created the freshly minted Ultraman in Netflix‘s recently released anime adaptation of Ultraman, seems to have a major problem, he does not have to kill monsters. It’s difficult to fault him, though, the monsters he fights aren’t the conventional wicked kaiju he’s fought before — they’re man-sized, clever, and most of the time lurking in Tokyo’s Alien City, just attempting to get by.

Several of them beg for their life before being executed, which might give even the most powerful protagonist pause.

Bandai has been producing great figures spanning all eras of the franchise since ending the Ultra-Act line and moving everything Ultra into the S.H. Figuarts line. When it initially began in 2016, there was just about as much emphasis on the Ultra Series‘ numerous animals as had on the Ultraman himself, but alas, this has dropped somewhat in recent years.

Although the new Ultraman takes a different approach, trying to humanize the animals and turning confrontations into gruesome real fights using powered gear

It’s a fresh take on the lengthy Japanese tokusatsu franchise, that’s been around since 1965 in some form or another. The Series used to follow a tight formula, a massive monster appears and our hero transforms into Ultraman and gets large, then suplexes the beastie into oblivion. So here are a few of our favorites.

1. Eleking

Ultraman 1

 The fact that it hasn’t materialized seems like one of the most stunning of all the obvious basic stuff to manufacture in the Ultraman collection. Eleking is among the franchise’s best recognizable and adored kaiju, having appeared in several main Ultraman programs as well as numerous spin-offs.

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It has previously received the Japanese Best Monster Award and is one of Dan Moroboshi favorite Ultraseven’s kaiju, Kohji Moritsugu. After Gomora, One can only presume that Bandai was put off from producing any more MonsterArts-sized kaiju because that’s the only way can imagine why it was not made back in 2017 when they were going through several big Ultraseven releases.

Eleking, like Red King, has an Ultra-Act edition that collectors can technically rely upon, yet despite its age and price, it’s way overdue for a reissue. Considering Bandai’s return to bigger kaiju with Golza, there was still a chance that this gap in the Ultraman line may be addressed in the future. 

2. Shepherdon

Ultraman 2

 The Ultraman Ginga S is just amazing and gave us enjoy every minute of it, however, Shepherdon is yet another modern-era kaiju who deserves a collector-grade version. Shepherdon, the underground Victorians’ guardian and friend, fought alongside Ultraman Ginga and Ultraman Victory in countless battles until giving its life to preserve Success.

Also after death, it managed to support its companion, reincarnating as a Spark Doll capable of Ultlance production of the Shepherdon Sword, probably Victory’s most formidable weapon. The Shepherdon Saber was happily not left off of the S.H. Figuarts Ultraman Victory accessory list, but the genuine item would be an even better companion piece. Consider how beautiful these Victorium crystals all over its spine would be if they were made of translucent blue plastic.

3. Galactron

Ultraman 3

 With so many famous monsters from the past, it can be tough for a younger species to get through and leave the very same lasting effect as previous opponents. Galactron, on the other hand, never had that issue. Galactron, possibly the most memorable of all Kaijo introduced inside the Latest Generation series, dispatched Ultraman Orb with ease.

Galactron was capable of holding its own against Orb’s vicious Thunder Breastar shape at first, however after its eventual destruction continued to cause havoc for both Ultraman Geed and Ultraman Taiga.

 The Ultraman Z series has a great little collection of robotic kaiju, but they’re all pals, which is why an enemy like Galactron has been long needed.

4. Bemstar

Ultraman 4

 Although we appreciate not that every Kaiju from an Ultraman series could be made into an S.H. Figuarts figure, we think that almost all of the important episodes’ monsters must. Throughout many cases, this meant a Kaiju that made our man fight for his money, and Ultraman Jack’s encounter with Bemstar was a watershed moment.

Bemstar, the very first space kaiju to emerge in Ultraman Returns, remained utterly unaffected by Jack’s attacks. Jack was still only capable of defeating the monster after being revitalized by the sun’s energy and receiving the Ultra Bracelet from Ultraseven.

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In comparison, the succeeding Showa series have still yet to get any figures other than the Ultraman. The Return of Ultraman was fortunate enough to receive three kaiju releases, but there are still some notable omissions, one of which is Bemstar.

5. Red King

Ultraman 5

Considering that Red King used to have an Ultra-Act launch back in 2012, it does seem like an unusual pick among so many amazing Ultraman Kaiju that have never gotten a high-quality figure. Although if you overlook the fact that the model has become a little older, the high price tag it now commands is a harder pill to swallow.

Furthermore, Red King is another one of those famous Ultraman monsters that appear worldwide, and as such the idea that it’s not currently part of the collection is odd. The design isn’t particularly spectacular, it’s only the small pinhead including its huge toothy grin is too endearing. So, we all want him t come to the collection.

The creatures that debuted in the Ultraman franchise are known as Ultra Kaiju. The category comprises monsters that are both evil and good, malevolent and friendly, champions and antagonists. Most Kaiju in the Ultraman saga, including Kaiju, Seijin, Terrible-Monsters, and fake Ultras, fall in that category.

There were 43 different variations of the Ultraman character from 1966. That implies that, in addition to the original Ultraman, there seem to be 42 alternate versions. A few of these prototypes were more integral to the story, whereas others are only one-off ideas. This is almost certainly not the franchise’s final number of Ultraman. As a result, everyone should observe these Kaiju.

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