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House of Secret

Netflix has always been there whenever we want to have some great criminal series. Days before, there were amid talks about the Squid Games and how the fans are getting crazy over the Korean Shows. Many people jumped over to Netflix just to see this hype and found that it is indeed a great show. But will the hype stay forever? No, just as the show was viewed by a number of people, the new series entered the chat. House of Secrets is getting popular as Netflix have released the series on their famous OTT platform. 

On the day of release, teh series neutered on the Top 10 category of the most watched show of the week. Fnas from all over the world loved the story and claimed how great it has turned out. As it focuses on the criminal, action and suspense, there comes a greater number of people who get attracted towards the show. 

Ovr the time, many big stars and the meme pages have started to appreciate the show and it further helps in the promotion of the series. The show is currently hype and there are many people who want to know about the show. 

House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths is a new Netflix show which is getting limelight after its breathtaking scary crimes. Another fact that makes the show popular is its origin. The creators have the talent to tell the true events and when these criminal documentaries are released it makes all the people wonder about it. 


We all know how Netflix criminal Documentary series are taken by the people. There are already tons of Documentary stories that are released every month but what’s new in this? In this article, we’ll be exploring everything that this new Web Series contains. And will find out what the story contains. 

House of Secrets: Know About it!

House of Secret

House of Secret is a new Netflix Documnetry series that follows the true enbents of crime and murder been on the Burari, New Delhi 

The incident took place 3 years before and that was the day when the whole country was in shock. From the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal to the other important leaders of the national party was witnessed to talk about the case. 

The popular acse has taken all the lives of a family living under the same roof. When the incident happened, I was in my room and scrolling through social media. My mom told me to come to her and watch the news. It was terrifying and depressing. Seeing 11 people hung on the same roof was such a horrible incident to watch. 

The whole country was in shock. There was news everywhere and everyone was talking about the incident. How does this happen? What are the reasons behind it? How can all 11 people be hung at the same time? Was it a murder or a sucide? There were tons of more questions which was making all the people vulnerable to know it. 

The new Netflix series will open up everything through their documentary film. We’ll come across every character and the person that was linked with the family and know slight details of the incidents. 

There will be cops, police officers, psychologists, and detectives who will tell about their experience in the series. 

200 Halla ho, a new Zee5 premiere movie that is based on true events is coming on the big OTT platform. The latest movie will help you to give some insights into the loopholes of the country. Based on true events, this movie attracts a lot of people because of the nature of the story. 200 Halla ho has just released its official trailer and in less than a week, the trailer received half of the million views. I have been reading so much positive feedback from the audience and it looks like that this movie is no less than a revelation in itself. Happy that there are still many people who adore watching these types of non-fictional true-life story events.

House of Secret Release Date: When it is going to Release?

House of Secret have just been in the talks as the netflix have released the popular documentary film. Based on true events, the series follows one house of Burari where a miserable incident took place, the series discovers all the history and happenings through their neighbors and records and find out what actually happens with it. 

The incident took place 3 years ago and it has made the country shocked with the miserable behaviour and the incidents. Though the series was then not decided, it was eventually made in the prediction. When the police finds out everything about the incidents but still the case was one of the miserable one. 

As the series was announced, we all knew that the people would be there to watch it. House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths is released on the 8 October 2021.

House of Secret Review

house of secrets

Anyone who has watched the first 10 minutes of the series would find them continuing to watch the show even though they are not a big fan of crime scenes. The people of the country have already witnessed the acse and after the creators developed twh show, it makes them more vulnerable to actually see behind the case and find out everything. 

As the documentary films have been famous for it’s amazing cinematography, this one has also developed a greater sense through it. 

Exploiting the incidents through in depth investigating everything that has happened in the case. From the media to the cops to the reporter to the local public was there at the given place. Over such a short time, the incident gets viral on social media and the neighbourhood also gets bored. 

In the middle of everything, someone has recorded the whole incident and the video goes viral ,the people of the country, from every part of the world have watched the horrifying video and it left the people in shock. 

Everyone has one question on their mind and that is how this incident happens and why they are doing it. There was the possibility of everything in the case and the cops were trying to pull the string from every corner of the case.

The best thing about this documentary series is that it not only reports about the incidents but also focuses on all the incidents that have been focusing on it. From the mental and psychological effects, the series has been amazing to whoever wished to watch it. 

All the jourslist were there and the reporting was wild, everyone got their own theories and they were quick to export it to the other people. People who are not from Delhi were seriously hit and now every news channel was focusing on the topic. 

Is there any official Trailer?

If you are someone who hasn’t watched this documentary series then this would be the best time for you to actually watch it. The series follows the incident of the Burari family who are handed in the wire messed under the same rooftop. All the people of the family, from the little generation to the older people. There was everyone who hung himself. As the series was released, the audience got excited to talk about it. 

There are many fans who get confused about the show and it is pretty obvious. Will all the talks and messages around, one can possibly want to watch the show, 

If you’re someone who ahven’t watched the series and wanted to know everything about it then here is the article. 

Netflix is popular for their crime and murder related documentary films. There are tons of series that make Netflix a popular platform to hop in whenever they want to watch these kinds of films. All the films that are based on true events make the story more exciting. These incidents just look amazing after netflix put some light on it. One of the same stories is The Memories of Murderer: The Nelson Tapes. Watch what happens when the serial killer kills the people and dump them in his house. Read this article to find out. 

Source: Honk News

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