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Vincenzo Season 2

If you are still busy watching the old-popular k-drama then you need to take a break and watch the recently released Vincenzo. The name might sound a little weird but it stands out from the rest of the k-drama who used the simple and alluring k-dramas name. Starring Song Jong Ki as the main lead, who is already a popular k-drama actor and featured in many popular series. As the show encountered its first release in 2021, fans kept waiting for the release of Vincenzo Season 2. 

Vincenzo brings out the most phenomenal theme of the k-drama, which might look like a perfect Wattpad story, and got a lot of appreciation from the audience. K-drama hype is not new, maybe some people came out late into the fandom but the popularity of these shows already existed way before we actually thought. That’s the reason why most of the newcomers start watching shows that were released early. 


I totally get why they got into the older series because of the online hype for them but that doesn’t mean the newly released k-dramas are not that amazing. Vincenzo brings out the most phenomenal theme of the k-drama, which might look like a perfect Wattpad story, and got a lot of appreciation from the audience. Came out in 2021 and became the most popular anime of the year. 

Vincenzo Season 2

The series has been top-rated among the internet and even the online ratings make the show one of the most popular of 2021. Anyone who has not watched the show can absolutely watch the show on Netflix. Back to the topic, as the first season is already released, there are questions regarding the second season. The viewers want to know if the series will continue to release its episode or if the first season was the last season? Here is everything you need to know about Vincenzo.

Vincenzo: A popular K-drama!

Vincenzo Season 2

Vincenzo is a Korean television series that premiered on tvN in 2021. With the series premiering, the shop makers have been getting immense love from the viewers because of the amazing content that the show delivered. Focusing on Park Joo-Hyung, who was adopted by an Italian family who incorporated the world of illegal things. Park Joo became a mafia and was renamed “Vincenzo Cassano”. 

The main title of the show is taken from the name of Park Jo-Hyung, the main protagonist of the series who is actually a mafia but later became a lawyer. Anyone who is wondering about the weird name of the series can understand that “Vincenzo” is the name of the main lead in the show. It is basically an Italian word that means “to win and to conquer”.

Created by Studio Dragon, the series was initially released on tvN. The popularity of the series rose at the moment when it stars  Song Joong-ki as the main lead. Along with this, the show makes quite a name after airing on tvN channel. If you are a k-drama fan, you would know the supremacy of this channel among all the others. 

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Vincenzo Season 2: Is it Happening?

As soon as tvN dropped the series, it was rated the top show of the year. Not only this but the series becomes one of the most amazing series that is ever released in 2021. Fans praised the show, along with the amazing cast and the storyline that has led to the massive success of the series. 

The first episodes of the series were rated 7.7% which is considered a huge rating. Vincenzo created a huge success and raised its popularity all over the world and became the top 4 popular series of tvN. 

The domestic popularity was soon demolished when Netflix released the drama and made the show one of the highly popular among their Network. Vincenzo established the top 1 category on Netflix for quite a while now. As the series premiered, fans kept thinking about the second season and its possibility. 

So far, the officials have not released any statement regarding the second season. The fans are demanding the second season and the officials are not yet confirmed for the upcoming season. However, fans have put their faith in the studio. 

Even more, Netflix has seen a rise in the number of seasons for their popular show over the past few years. It is true that k-dramas are often concluded in the very first season but the recent trends of multiple seasons might deviate the mind of the series. Even shows like Squid Game are getting a second season despite being a  Korean series and that puts in a lot of effort. 

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Vincenzo Season 2: When can we expect the release of the Show?

Vincenzo Season 2 updates

The first season of this k-drama was officially aired in 2021 and it brings 20 episodes that have 60 minutes of screen time. Over the episodes, we came across the amazing tale of the mafia lawyer, Kim. Vincenzo is a Korean Comedy, action, and romance series and fans are vulnerable to know about its future. 

Soon the series finalized its episodes and the ending episodes of the show were wrapped up. Still, fans are looking for the updates of its second season. Fans believe that there will be Vincenzo Season 2. 

Another reason to believe in the second installment is basically because of its popularity. The viewers have made a belief in their head which described that Netflix is authorized to make another season of the show. 

Unfortunately, no official has talked about the possibility of a second season. As for now, there are no updates that would make us believe in the possibility of another season.

Soon Joong-ki explained in an interview how he is overwhelmed with the fans loved. He explained that he has seen the online comments regarding Vincenzo Season 2. 

Furthermore, he talked about how there are no inside discussions regarding the second season for now. Since the show was recently released, the show makers have not yet discussed the show.

Even more, there are minor possibilities for the show to happen. Anyone who is waiting for the second installment to release should leave their hopes. As for now, it is unlikely to happen.

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Final Words

Fans are eagerly waiting for Vincenzo to release its second season but little did they know that there won’t be any Season 2. Vincenzo is a popular Korean drama that was officially released in 2021. The series came out as one of the most prominent k-drama series of all time. As a matter of fact, the popularity of the show on Netflix makes the fans think about the possible season 2. International fans are used to having multiple seasons for their series but this is not the case for this series. 

Source: Honk News

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