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Universal Just Opened A Brand New Rollercoaster. Here Are 3 Great, Can’t Miss Moments From The Velocicoaster (Yes, I Rode It)

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The Mosasaurus Roll At The End Of The VelociCoaster

The barrel roll on the VelociCoaster comes in the latter portion of the Islands of Adventure Ride, so I thought about ending this feature talking about how flipping cool it is. However, honestly, the Mosasaurus roll is the single coolest thing about Universal Orlando’s brand new coaster and I’d be remiss if I didn’t stress that point by highlighting it first. You’re inverted on the ride, near the water, without a shoulder harness. It’s unexpected. It’s perfect. When I spoke with Art Director Gregory Hall about the ride, he told me it’s “the best inversion I have ever ridden in my entire life.” So don’t take it from me — take it from the expert.

I don’t really even want to detail the exhilarating moment on the ride. It’s something you need to experience yourself, but I do think you’ll be surprised at how smooth even quick inverted moments like these play out.


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