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Recent ESO expansions have expanded the world of Tamriel in ways that even the best single-player Elder Scrolls games could never do. Granted, you’ll get more out of the game if the idea of revisiting the worlds of Oblivion, Skyrim, and Morrowind in a new way feels especially exciting to you, but ESO is so much more than a walk down memory lane. Indeed, ESO really lets you appreciate Elder Scroll’s worldbuilding and lore in a way that isn’t always easy to do when you’re exploring smaller sections of that universe divided between multiple single-player adventures. 

Furthermore, it must be said that ESO’s presentation values are the best you’ll find in an MMO this side of the mighty Final Fantasy 14. While some of the best MMOs ever have managed to establish their reputation without the help of advanced graphics or expansive voice acting, the fact that ESO is treated like a “proper” Elder Scrolls game in terms of its presentation really helps sell the idea that it’s as much of a part of that wonderful series as any of the main Elder Scrolls games.

In fact, there’s at least one area where Elder Scrolls Online arguably surpasses its single-player predecessors

The Elder Scrolls Online Features One of the Best Stories in MMO (and Elder Scrolls) History

As Final Fantasy 14 showed, there’s nothing quite like an MMO story that is treated with respect. It’s not easy to stretch a truly compelling tell across a nearly infinite adventure, but those select few MMO developers that have found a way to explore the narrative potential of that genre have proven that those games can do so much more than rely on the stories you make for yourself along the way. 

While Elder Scrolls Online’s story isn’t quite as good as Final Fantasy 14’s, it’s honestly so much better than nearly everything else out there.

Much like the single-player Elder Scrolls games, so much of ESO’s narrative brilliance can be found in its sidequests. While the MMO features a massive arching narrative, it’s the quality of those smaller stories you encounter along the way that really sells the scope of your journey. You’ll still have to put up with the odd fetch quest here and there, but you’re never that far away from some incredible expedition that will demand you spend just a little more time with the game to see what happens next. Titles like ESO and Final Fantasy 14 really help you appreciate the ways that an MMORPG can grab you that go beyond the grind and social obligations that the genre is sometimes associated with.

Source: Den of Geek

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