When Prince William and Kate Middleton got engaged in 2010, the heir to the British throne wanted to be the one to announce the news to the world himself and was worried that a newspaper outlet would ruin his chances of doing so, royal expert Katie Nicholl revealed in her book, “Kate: The Future Queen” (per Mirror UK). To ensure this would not happen, William waited until the day of the announcement to tell the rest of the royal family, which included formally asking the queen for consent. When she received his phone call, she was reportedly “a little surprised at the suddenness of the announcement.” Despite this, Queen Elizabeth was “thrilled” for her grandson. The royal family’s staff hurriedly put together the announcement, which included a photoshoot in front of Buckingham Palace, during which Kate flaunted her engagement ring. 

Following the photoshoot, the newly engaged couple sat down for their engagement interview, which is still fondly remembered to this day. It seems that Queen Elizabeth was not the only one who was surprised by Prince William. The Duchess of Cambridge was also shocked when William pulled out a ring and asked her to marry him. During the interview, she stated, “I really didn’t expect it at all … and I’m very excited.” The moment was also bittersweet because the engagement ring had belonged to the Duke of Cambridge’s late mother, Princess Diana. 

Source: Nicki Swift

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