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Expectations From Pirates of the Caribbean 6 – Release Date, Cast and Plot

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Expectations From Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

The sixth instalment of Pirates of the Caribbean is in development, but when will it release? In this article, you will read about what we know so far.

Expectations From Pirates of the Caribbean 6

Pirates of the Caribbean

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When the Curse of the Black Pearl was released, its huge success was very unexpected. Before the year 2003, pirates movies were seen as guaranteed box office flops, but the franchise has remained popular ever since. It has constantly proved its international mass appeal and earning Johnny Depp an Oscar nomination for his role as Jack Sparrow.

After the co-writers of Deadpool Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick dropped out of the project back in 2019, Disney chose writers Craig Mazin and Ted Elliot to write the script instead. Mazin created HBO’s mini-series Chernobyl while Elliot has worked on the first Pirates movie. Director Joachim Ronning is all set to return.

Back in the year 2018, Walt Disney Studios president, Sean Bailey, was open to the idea of giving the franchise a ‘kick in the pants’, saying in an interview for The Hollywood Reporter that the studio wanted to bring new energy to the movies. Some speculations and rumours have suggested that the new movie would be a soft reboot of the franchise, similar to the Transformers prequel spinoff Bumblebee, but it is still unclear what would be wiped out from the series’ past storylines.

The Release date of Pirates of the Caribbean 6

There is no confirmed release date yet. However, movies in the franchise have been traditionally released either in the month of July and May. The last three instalments dominated the world box office on Memorial Day weekend and it seems likely that the sixth movie would be released around the same period.

Well, this is it, guys. We hope that the movie is released as soon as possible because this is the franchise which has been entertaining in the best way. And the fans have loved it very much. Till then stay tuned for more updates.

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