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Family Business Season 3: Will it Happen or Cancelled? Know Every Detail Here

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Family Business Season 3 Updates: The name of this sitcom clearly suggests what it’s all about and is one of the many other series that is lined up for renewal on Netflix.

This French comedy series is primarily set on a special premise where on legalization of pot in France, a family transforms their business of butchering into that of coffee making from marijuana and their journey down that road of the otherwise illicit state of affairs.

This is not one of those shows that details the stages of drug addiction in a teenager’s life rather it is a light-hearted drama of the Hazan family getting on board for business and viewers surely want to see their business thriving.

A Brief Outline Of The Plot

The family when settles on starting their Cannabis business, they go through a lot of challenges. Jo (Joseph Hazan), from being a failed entrepreneur to start this business with his family strived against all the rivals and dived into opportunities as they come along.

The release of the latest Season 2; a 6 episodes long season dated on Sept 11, 2020, marked its start withdrawing an analogical picture between the posh, extravagant, past and struggling present of the Hazan family and how they need to expand their business in order to meet its demand.



The next thing we know is Jo facing a real dilemma when his girlfriend, being concerned about the future perils of this business venture throws at him that unless he calls a halt to this business, he is not allowed near his children.

His children being very dear to him, Jo had to opt-out of the latter and pulled a ruse on his family to convince them out of it on which Aure(played by Julia Piaton) maneuver them into even more dangerous ways of money laundering.

Also, Jo and Gerald had to make up some lies to keep up with their illegal indulgences and end up behind the bars. When they are being transferred to another cell, get kidnapped by some armed gang in masks and were taken to a never seen before location. That’s where it ended, making us wait to see what happens next.

Release Date Of Family Business Season 3

It is not known as of yet whether Netflix might be buckling up for Season 3 in the near future or at all. It means it might be subjected to a cancellation and we would wind up with just 2 seasons likewise.

But just because Netflix has not asserted of the production of Season 3 yet, doesn’t make it unlikely to happen even in the future.

We will get back to you with this business as soon as we get some exciting news.

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