Costco Just Brought Back Its Wagyu Beef—and Shoppers Have Mixed Feelings
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A warehouse club is probably not the first place that comes to mind when shopping for romantic treats. If you are a Costco member, however, you should know that America’s third-largest retailer is primed to capitalize on any given holiday. Valentine’s Day is no exception.

In addition to jewelry and Forever Roses, your local warehouse offers a number of snack and meal ideas to incorporate into your holiday plans, too. Candy and chocolates are plentiful, yes, but there are also some unique Valentine-themed food items to shop for as well.

Whether you’re going all out for a loved one this year, or you want to celebrate Galentine’s Day with your B.F.F.s, or you simply want to show yourself some self-love this February, Costco is once again your one-stop destination for all of your Valentine’s Day needs.

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tipiak heart shaped macarons

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like heart-shaped food, and there’s no shortage of options at Costco. Members can keep their eyes peeled for boxes of 20 Heart-Shaped Macarons that @costco_doesitagain shared on Instagram. The pink and white macarons, priced at $10.99, come with two fillings: Chocolate Ganache and Raspberry and Vanilla.

Costco heart-shaped ravioli
Chris Shott

Valentine’s Day treats do not have to be sweet to get the point across. There are some savory options at Costco, too. An easy Valentine’s Day dinner at home idea could be the Italian Four Cheese Heart-shaped Ravioli shared by @costcobuys on Instagram. Filled with ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, and aged asiago, these red and white ravioli come in packs of two and cost $9.99.

costco red velvet cupcakes

Last month, @costcodeals and @costcodealsonline on Instagram spotted the return of Costco’s Red Velvet Mini Cakes. The six pack of cakes costs $9.99 and comes with a cream cheese icing. You definitely won’t need to come up with dessert ideas for the week after you pick up a pack.

mrs. fields happy valentine's day crate

If your special someone is all about the sweets, then they will fall head over heels for the Mrs. Fields Happy Valentine’s Day Crate at Costco. It comes with 24 bite-sized cookies, 24 brownie bites, and two frosted heart-shaped cookies, perfect for sharing (or enjoying all by yourself, we won’t judge). It all comes packaged in a festive heart-decorated box, priced at $39.99 online.

valentine's day belgian chocolate strawberries and mini cheesecake pops

The only thing that could make a fresh strawberry better is to dip it in chocolate. Fortunately, Costco is selling a package of Belgian 6 Chocolate Covered Strawberries and 6 Mini Cheesecake Pops, priced at $49.99 online through Feb. 8. Both the strawberries and the cheesecake pops come with white, milk, and dark chocolate varieties.

reese's hearts

Finding something for your Valentine does not need to be overly complicated. If you know what they like, simply shower them with their favorite candy. Case in point: Costco is selling bags of 65 Reese’s Hearts, according to Instagram’s @costcohotfinds. Reese’s is America’s top-selling candy for a reason: its chocolate-covered peanut butter cups are a classic treat. The seasonal heart shape just makes it more festive.

popcornopolis valentine's day conversation mini cones

Valentine’s Day is not restricted to romantic partners; it’s a day that celebrates the love we share with everyone around us. If you have multiple people on your list to send a little gift of appreciation this Valentine’s day, Costco is selling a 24-pack of Valentine’s Day Conversation Mini Cones by Popcornopolis, priced at $29.99 online through Feb. 8. You can write little notes on the wrapping to send to your friends, or to your special someone 24 times over.

austin cake ball valentine's day collection

For the perfect bite-sized Valentine’s Day treat, you can find the Austin Cake Ball Valentine’s Day Collection for $49.99 online from Costco. The package includes 12 birthday cake-flavored cake balls with unique decorations on each one. The item description claims it can feed four to six individuals, but if you ask us, these bite-sized cake treats can easily be enjoyed without any sharing whatsoever.

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