Covid: Keep getting reinfected? Each time can raise the risk of complications, warns study
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The COVID-19 the UK faces in June 2022 is a very different COVID-19 to the one it faced in January 2020; the virus is more transmissible but causes less severe illness. As a result, if someone becomes infected with Covid they’re less likely to be bedridden or ill for a significant period of time. Additionally, two years on, many people have had Covid if not once, then twice or three times. New studies multiple bouts of Covid could have a significant long term impact.

Conducted by the University School of Medicine and VA in Saint Louis, the study investigated the impact of multiple Covid infections on the immune system.

Their findings were startling.

Researchers found there was a higher risk of hospitalisation, lasting health consequences, and death after every infection by the virus.

In a statement the authors wrote: “Risks were lowest in people with one infection, increased in people with two infections, and highest in people with three or more infections.”

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The authors behind the study believe theirs is the first to characterise the risks of reinfection and the probability of health complications.

Data suggested those reinfected with Covid more than once had an increased risk of:
• Consequences for the lungs
• Cardiovascular complications
• Blood clotting
• Kidney problems
• Neurological problems
• Musculoskeletal problems
• Mental health disorders
• Diabetes.

Dr Aubree Gordon of the University of Michigan said the study merited “more research being done”.


In a study published earlier this year it was found Covid increased the risk of heart failure, heart attack, and stroke by over 50 percent regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity.

Furthermore, the impact of COVID-19 complications is already being felt by patients around the country in a more permanent sense.

Around two million people now live with long Covid in the UK.

A chronic inflammatory condition, long Covid is the experiencing of long Covid symptoms over a long period of time.

Although some patients have been suffering from symptoms for close to two years, there are concerns they are being left behind and forgotten.

So far there are currently no effective treatments for long Covid and no cure.

This situation is leaving patients desperate as the wait for developments takes a toll on their mental health.

All this comes as a new wave of coronavirus begins, one driven by two Omicron subvariants, BA.4 and BA.5.

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