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If you find cracks heel, you probably assume it is due to dehydration or lack of moisture in the skin. However, in some cases, there may be other reasons why the skin is dry and peeling on the heels.

We have gathered 6 obvious reasons why you have cracks in your heels. And at the end of the article, you’ll discover a soaking foot that can help you get rid of this problem quickly.

#1. Extra Weight



Your feet support the weight of your entire body. Then, when you gain weight, the pressure on the fat pads under the heels increases. In that case, the heels are forced to expand laterally to support more weight. And if your skin has no moisture, it is cracked.

How to fix it:

Here you can calculate your ideal weight; always keep it within the “normal” range. Also, keep in mind that diabetics tend to have cracked heels; Therefore, check your blood sugar level regularly.

#2. Lack of vitamins



Without some vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients, your skin simply does not work properly and is dry and thick.

How to fix it:

Add more foods rich in vitamins A, B3, C, E, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids to your diet.

#3. Wrong Shoes



Open-back shoes, such as slippers or sandals, generally allow fat under the heels to expand sideways and increase the chance of heel cracks. Poorly fitting shoes and thin soles can also cause cracked heels and heel pain.

How to fix it:

Wear shoes with closed heels that provide adequate support. You can also talk to a podiatrist to make sure your shoes are the right size.

#4. Menopause


After menopause, some women tend to have “acquired keratoderma,” a condition that can cause cracks in the skin of heels and other parts of the body.

How to fix it:

To get rid of cracks heel, try applying estrogen ointments topically, but be sure to consult your doctor first.

#5. Standing For Too Long

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Standing for a long period of time, especially on hard or wooden floors, can put extra pressure on your heels and stress the skin in that area.

How to fix it:

Try to avoid standing for a long time. If this is not possible, do some simple exercises to redistribute heel pressure from time to time.

#6. The Wrong Shower Routine


It is not a good idea to take long and very hot showers or baths since the water in the feet can remove the natural oils from the skin and leave it rough and dry. In addition, aggressive soaps and detergents can damage the skin’s natural barrier.

How to fix it:

Always use warm water when showering, limit your time in the bathroom to 5 to 10 minutes to avoid further moisture loss, wipe your feet with a towel after washing them and don’t forget to apply a moisturizer. It is also better to avoid strong soaps or scented skin products.

How To Heal Cracked Heels


A Listerine foot soak can soothe dead skin on the heels and make cleaning easier. Listerine is also an antiseptic that calms the skin due to the phytochemicals in it , such as menthol and the thymol it contains.

What do you need:

  • 1 cup of Listerine
  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 2 cups of water

What to do:

  • Mix Listerine, white vinegar and water in a bowl.
  • Put your feet in the mixture and let it soak for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Take your feet off the sink and gently rub your heels with a pumice stone.
  • Wash your feet with warm water and dry them with a towel and apply moisturizer.

Do you have cracked heels? What methods do you use to correct them? Share your experience with us in the comments!

Source: crfatsides

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