Dairy foods could lead to 'soreness and itching around the genital area' - thrush
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Thrush is a yeast infection, Doctor Dutt pointed out, that can manifest as “soreness and itching around the genital area” – and your diet could be contributing to the health condition. People who have thrush may experience a burning sensation down below, swelling, or a cottage cheese-like discharge. In addition to high-lactose dairy – such as milk, cheese, cream and yoghurts – refined sugars and carbs can make symptoms worse.

“Everything can be eaten in moderation,” Doctor Dutt clarified. “But if you find you are eating too much of a certain food, this can be the start of a problem.”

Everyday items could also be increasing your risk of developing thrush.

Doctor Dutt cautioned that certain clothes could be contributing to the development of thrush.

“Tight-fitting clothing like underwear, tights and leggings can cause friction,” said Doctor Dutt.

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“Plus, nylon materials are known to retain heat. For this reason, clothing that’s tight around the groin area creates the perfect environment for the Candida fungus to develop.”

If you are prone to thrush, Doctor Dutt recommends choosing cotton tights and underwear.

“It goes without saying, but also make sure you’re washing underwear and tights after every wear,” she added.

Even body moisturises could lead to thrush if they throw off the body’s pH balance.

“If you experience thrush more than four times in a year, this is known as recurring thrush,” said Doctor Sanghvi.

“If you experience this, I’d recommend seeing a GP or pharmacist, or visiting a sexual health clinic.”

People are advised to always finish the course of treatment they are given, even if symptoms subside.

Doctor Mitra Dutt and Dr Sameer Sanghvi both work for LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor.

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