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However, if it is found early the chances of survival are higher. Prostate cancers are often found using a PSA (prostate-specific antigen) test which you can ask your doctor for.

Hopper’s cancer was only announced publicly in a court hearing for his fifth marriage with Victoria Duffy.

According to court documents, the star was too weak and ill to be challenged about the divorce.

Before he died, Hopper filed a divorce around the type of separation and claimed that the relationship was threatening his life.

His doctor, Doctor Angus said in court: “The presence of his estranged wife is hampering Mr. Hopper’s present cancer care as she introduces significant additional stress into his life.

“The less Mr. Hopper has to do with his estranged wife at this time, the more likely he is to have his life extended.”

His lawyer and doctor even argued that the stress of extensive court proceedings could kill him.

Source: Daily Express

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